Anna University Annexure 1 Journal

Annexure 1 journals are recognized journals by Anna University. It is a highly indexing journal. It holds various journals from various research disciplines. Annexure 1 journals having high academic value. These journals are often preferred by PhD scholars and research people. Annexure 1 provides a huge number of journals for research papers from various research areas. Annexure 1 has both free and paid journals.

Anna University Annexure 1 has both free and paid journals. Annexure 1 can accept research papers from various departments. We help you with research papers from various departments such as Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Food, and Technology, Management, electronics, Instrumentation Engineering, and more. Anna University Annexure 1 journal has the highest impact factor. These journals are considered to have the highest quality. There are a few specialties we have to do your research.

  • We help you with fast and easy Annexure 1 journal publication.
  • We stand with you in an error-free journal paper publication.
  • We work closely with the reduction of plagiarism by using Turnitin software.
  • Our team has 10+ years of experience in journal publication across various subject areas.
  • We will work on research-oriented research methodologies

How to publish in Anna University Annexure 1 journal?

HIGS always helps you in publishing your research papers in quality journals. HIGS will make sure that your paper has met all the guidelines of your journal. We ensure that your plagiarism level is correct. Our team assesses the format guidelines of your paper as per the journal.

  • You can contact us and check your journal name based on your research topic.
  • We analyze and select the appropriate journal
  • We analyze the general guidelines of the journal.
  • Our team will start working on the research paper that perfectly matches with the expectations of the journal.
  • Once after rewriting the entire journal paper we process it for journal publication.
  • We also do journal revisions
  • We make sure that your paper will be accepted by the journal.

Get your entire list of Anna University Annexure 1 2024 pdf. We welcome all the subject-wise journal papers under free and paid journals. Our team can give you fast publishing annexures 1 & 2 journals. Now get in touch with our team and know your suitable journal, the scope of the journal, impact factors, and so on.

HIGS has an updated list of Anna university Annexure 1 journal Scopus and Annexure 2 journal lists for 2024. Now you can download the Anna University Annexure 1 journal list pdf.

“HIGS” undergo both free and paid Annexure journal publication. We take care of fast publication within a short period of time. We always welcome all kind of research papers from various research areas. We study, write, edit, and proofread your research paper. We take most care on plagiarism checking. We polish your paper with low plagiarism level by using Turnitin plagiarism software.


  • Sufficient help to publish your research paper.
  • Sources to write your paper
  • Not enough time to write your journal manuscript
  • Proper evidence to write your paper
  • When you not aware of the guidelines of your journal
  • When you want a publication under reputed journals.
  • When you don’t have a proper plagiarism checking tool.
  • When you not have sufficient time and knowledge to proofread.


We never do these,
  • 🚫 Delayed delivery
  • 🚫 Wrong work
  • 🚫 Error work
  • 🚫 Plagiarism work
  • 🚫 No response

Steps we follow for journal publication


What are all the domains we cover?

Our team will guide all the research areas. Annexure 1 journals will also fall on this. We will assist you in Annexure 1 journals publication. We will cover domains such as Computer science, mechanical, electronics, mathematics, mechatronics, structural engineering, information technology, biotechnology, microbiology, bioinformatics, and more.

HIGS #1 Phd Research Assistance Private Company! We believe everyone deserves to have a doctorate in their field. Our expert team provides comprehensive services, including writing high-quality Research papers, Thesis/Dissertations, Proposals, Reviews, and Synopsis. We offer top-notch Rewriting, Journal publication support and Plagiarism checking to ensure your work meets the highest standards”.

Journal Selection Assistance - Our team helps you choose the best Anna University Annexure Journals for your research paper.

Manuscript Formatting Support - We offer professional formatting services that meet the guidelines for Anna University Annexure Journals.

Indexing Process Management - We provide end-to-end management of the indexing process for Anna University Annexure Journals, ensuring successful publication.

What is the format of writing Annexure journal papers?

Every journal has equally same procedures for writing manuscripts. But it may slightly vary sometimes. Here, we have given the specific guideline format for Annexure journal publication.

  • Use a standard font like 12pt Times New Roman
  • Set 1-inch page margins
  • Apply double-line spacing
  • Include a title page.
  • If you are going to submit it for publication, then insert a running head on every page.
  • Start every paragraph with a gap of ½ inch.

Title Page

  • The page’s right corner must contain the page number
  • It must contain the paper title
  • It must be followed by an author’s name
  • Then you must include the affiliation
  • Then you should mention the name of the course & instructor’s name
  • Then include a due date

Reference Page

  • The citation requires author-date.
  • A clear format of the reference page must have the following formats. They are,
    • Alphabetically sort your content
    • You must give a space of 0.5 inches while starting web page citations
    • You must give double space
    • You must include a page citation
    • Also include journal citation
    • Include book citation section
    • Format of reference entries
Looking to get your research papers published in Anna University Annexure Journals? We offer assistance and support to help you get your research papers published. Call us now at for more information.

How HIGS will stay updated?

HIGS will give you a proper notification regarding each and every step of the research paper publication. We will arrange a notification alert through email and SMS. Our team will alert you in such conditions as,

Paper received notification

You will receive it when you submit your paper.

Paper acceptance notification

You will receive it when your paper will be accepted by an admin

Review notification

You will receive it when your paper is denied by admin

Update paper received notification

You will receive it when you submit an updated paper.

Copyright form received notification

You will receive it when you submit your copyright form.

Fees received notification

You will receive it when you submit the fee slip from your account

Certificated-related notification

You will receive it when admin sends you the certificate for your paper.

Paper published notification

You will receive it when your paper is published by admin.

Anna University Annexure 1 journal has both paid/free journal lists of Annexure 1. It is one of the high-indexing journals compared with other top journals. HIGS provides the top Anna University annexure 1 paid journals list 2024 and a free journal list under various research streams. We provide fast publishing annexure 1 journal list for all your research areas.

Here, HIGS provides the common top “10” important guidelines for submitting your research paper to Anna University Annexure 1 journals.

  • 01 Your manuscript must be under 10% of the plagiarism level in Turnitin
  • 02 Your manuscript must match with the journal formatting style
  • 03 Your manuscript must be free from grammatical errors.
  • 04 Figures and tables of the paper must be properly cited.
  • 05 Your manuscript must be original, and well-researched, and it must be matched with the existing knowledge of research.
  • 06 Your manuscript must have a proper flow to read the document
  • 07 The research paper must have proper spelling for each word
  • 08 Manuscript must have a proper affiliation
  • 09 Research paper must be free from technical errors
  • 10 Your manuscript must fulfill the expected results


For Annexure journal publication, we will give more benefits. Such as,

🎁 Free technical discussion
🎁 Free demo sessions
🎁 Free journal selection
🎁 Free grammar checking
🎁 Free proofreading session
🎁 Free revisions

Why Annexure 1 publication is needed?

Anna University Annexure 1 often follows the structured format, clarity, and consistency throughout the document. It also contains high-quality research papers, technical reports, project reports, academic documents, and more.

When you are about to publish your papers in Anna University Annexure 1 journal, it is essential to provide proper citations and acknowledgments. Anna University Annexure 1 journal always provides some strict rules to follow while writing your manuscript. They are,

  • Formatting guidelines
  • Content limitations
  • Specific templates to follow

Anna University publications will always undergo thorough revisions, review processes, and validation to ensure accuracy and coherence. Annexure 1 journal always conducts peer review, expert assessment, and quality checks to maintain the integrity of the research paper publication.


  • Inappropriate choice of journal
  • Fail to provide novelty and originality
  • Flaws in overall research methodology
  • Lack of interpretations
  • Inappropriate or incomplete statistics
  • Improper rationale
  • Poor language flow
  • Errors in the document
  • Plagiarism


  • Conrtains clear, useful and exciting scientific message
  • Excellent flow of content that will be easy to follow
  • Well formatted research paper
  • Research paper that meets the journal guidelines
  • Plagiarism-free content (usually below 5%)
  • Perfect proofreading
  • Resubmission process
  • We do journal corrections
  • Accurate selection of correct journal
  1. We examine the standard for research paper publication.
  2. We make up your paper to journal standard
  3. We submit your paper at correct time.
  4. We regularly track the status of journal publication
  5. We do journal corrections
  6. Resubmission process
  7. We do journal revision
Get these for free!

Get these features for free under Annexure 1 journal.

  • ☎️ Technical discussion
  • 🚫 Turnitin report
  • 📝 Journal revision
  • 📥 Software installation helpdesk
  • 📕 Journal selection
  • 🔄 Resubmission
  • 🏆 Quality checking

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