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You can publish your research articles in UGC-approved journals with the assistance of HIGS. The list of UGC-approved journals with low publication charges for 2024 will also be presented to you by our team. Our team will comprehend your needs and work with you to provide UGC-approved journals in 2023 and 2024 in India with reasonable publication fees. We undergo UGC journal publication across the globe such as in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Trivandrum, Kanpur, Mysore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Patna, Calicut, Pune, Hyderabad, and more.


All study topics are covered by this ugc approved journals list 2023- 2024 includes engineering, education, technology, biometrics, management, artificial intelligence, robotics, medical and dental sciences, law, arts and humanities, agriculture and dental sciences, and many more.


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Research paper publication in ugc approved journals 2023- 2024 process is very easy when comparing with the other journals. Your UGC research paper must matches with all guidelines of the journal. Our team HIGS will highly reduce your struggle and provide a user-friendly publication process for you. We provide FREE or PAID UGC approved journals with low publication charges 2022. UGC care list almost covers all areas like education, engineering, science, biometrics, management, Dental science, artificial intelligence, medical science, agricultural science, health care, law, arts, technology, robotics, life science, and more. It has its own paid UGC approved journals, and low publication charges journals. We have entire details of UGC approved multidisciplinary journals with low publication charges, and UGC approved fast publishing journals. HIGS software solution always aims to offer high quality publication service in UGC approved journals with low publication charges, UGC article publication, and more. We help you to find out how to check UGC approved journal and how to publish a research paper in UGC approved journal, free UGC approved journals, UGC approved paper publishing sites, and more.


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    After that, once your paper matches all the guidelines we send your research paper to the chosen UGC journal for publication.

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    Once we forward it to the journal, we give you a separate username or ID and password to track your publication status.

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How to select UGC journal?

  • Visit the official website if you like. You can use to log in.
  • UGC care list classes will be shown. You can see the classes in the order of, GroupA, Group B, Group C, Group D,
  • You can choose your suitable category from the above-mentioned groups.
  • The journal's name can be entered. The journal name that you submitted will give you the desired result.

Benefits you will get from us for UGC journal publication

You will receive a lot of advantages from HIGS. For publishing your paper in UGC in a fast and easy way, we serve as your end-to-end partner in publication. You will gain advantages like,

  • 365 days of research assistance
  • High-quality research work
  • Timely delivery
  • Assured journal acceptance
  • Instant Communication
  • Free journal expert advice
  • Free technical discussion
  • Free Turnitin plagiarism report
  • High-quality writing
  • Unlimited free revisions
  • Subject-based advice
  • Live demo sessions

What journal comes under UGC care list?

The complete list of journals has been categorized by UGC- journals into "4" key groups, which are detailed in detail below

Group A

Group A comprises the list of research journals from all fields that are included in the databases of the following publications: Science Citation Index Expanded Source Publication, Web of Science, Scopus Source List, and Social Science Citation Index Source Publication.

Group B

In this instance, Group B consists of the journals from the prior lists that are qualified based on the analysis methodologies and are on the UGC Care List. There are totally of 521 journals in the UGC care list Group B.

Group C

According to the analytic methods, Group C is made up of the journals that the UGC-CARE Council members suggest for all subject areas. It is notable that there are a total of 47 journals in the UGC care list Group C.

Group D

According to the analysis methods, Group D comprises the list of journals provided by UGC-CARE Universities for all subjects and languages that are eligible. There are a total of 247 journals in the UGC care list Group D.

UGC journal publication 2023-2024

“Only if you publish your research work in a UGC-approved journal will the University Grants Commission take your article into consideration. It will not be taken into account if you publish your research work in any other private journals. The Web of Science, Scopus, and Indian Citation Index have all included 38,653 journals in the UGC Care List Journal's index as of this writing. UGC has already indexed almost all research articles from all disciplines”


You can publish and get the entire UGC-approved journals with low publication charges. HIGS will help you in fast and easy journal publications in UGC care list journals. You can download the list of UGC care list 2024 pdf. HIGS will help you in paper publication across all the subject areas. In the rapidly evolving academic and research publishing, scholars and researchers are constantly seeking reputable platforms to disseminate their findings and contribute to their respective fields. One such platform that has gained considerable recognition is UGC Care Journals. UGC Care Journal Publication 2023-2024 has become an important one for researchers to share their research work with a global audience.

HIGS The best PhD journal paper publication company!

HIGS makes you feel relaxed and satisfied with the publication assistance we provide. We offer professional fast and easy journal publication in UGC journal. We offer top-notch publication in world-class journals at an affordable price.

Fast publication assistance -We undergo fast journal publication under your chosen journal within a short period of time.

Free revision - We undergo free journal revision with the help of journal paper with the help of journal paper writing & editing experts.

Publication assurance - We will give you 100% paper publication assurance for all your manuscripts.

UGC Care Journals, endorsed by the University Grants Commission of India, signify a high standard of quality in the academic publishing realm. The UGC Care List was established with the aim of ensuring that researchers have access to trustworthy journals for publishing their research. Journals included in the UGC Care List go through a stringent evaluation process, including an assessment of their editorial policies, peer-review practices, and overall academic standing.

We make sure that you will get assistance for UGC care journals for English literature, computer science, mathematics, and many more. You can get both the UGC care list paid and free journals. HIGS will help you in how to find UGC care list journals. How to find free or paid journals and more. Our clients can reach us through email or calls +916382814563 to get instant help for UGC journal paper publication and get answer for all your queries.


You must know the following facts about UGC journals. They are,

Subject areaTotal number of journal

What are all the benefits of hiring HIGS?


Submit your Research Paper

You can submit your research paper to our team and we will analyse the quality standards of your research paper. We check whether it has met all the quality standards or not.

Review & assigning journal

Journal team will review your paper and assign an appropriate journal to you. Then you will be notified with the journal name whether you are eligible to publish your paper in that journal or not.

Process Payment

Once after select and forward your paper to the journal, you must look over the payment option. You will be charged according to the journal whether it is free or paid.

Make Paper ready to Publish

The journal undergoes a review process. We also stand with you in journal revision. If there are any corrections to be made, we will do the same with the help of our experts.

Publish Paper

Meantime, you can track your publication process by the given personalized username and password. And finally, your paper will be published. You can share & promote your paper.

You Can Hire HIGS In The Following Conditions To Publish Your Paper In UGC Journals. They Are,
  • If you don't know to select a suitable journal
  • If you are unable to write the suitable manuscript
  • If you are unable to do plagiarism check.
  • If you are not willing to meet paper rejection.
  • If you are unable to proofread your paper by yourself.
  • If you are running out of time to publish your paper.
  • If you are not well-versed in grammar and language

Tips to Publish Research Paper in UGC Care List Journals

Here are Tips to Publish Research Paper in UGC Care Journals List:

Selecting the Right Journal

The foundation of successful publication lies in selecting the right journal. Ensure that the journal's scope aligns with your research topic and goals. Consider factors such as target audience, impact factor, and relevance to your field.

Quality Research

An important thing of any successful publication is high-quality of research. Conducting a thorough and original research that adds more value to the existing body of knowledge in your research field.

Strong Abstract and Title

Your abstract and title are the first things readers and reviewers encounter. Craft a clear, concise, and compelling abstract and title that effectively communicates the essence of your research.

Follow Journal Guidelines

Each journal has specific guidelines for manuscript formatting, referencing style, and submission process. Adhere to these guidelines meticulously to enhance your chances of acceptance.

Robust Methodology

Clearly outline your research methodology, ensuring that it is rigorous and appropriate for your research question. A solid methodology adds credibility to your findings.

Engaging Introduction and Discussion

Writing an engaging introduction that contextualizes your research and captures the reader's interest. In the discussion section, analyze your findings critically, highlighting their implications and contributions.

Effective Images

Include well-designed and meaningful figures, tables, and graphs to visually represent your data & ideas. Images can enhance the clarity and impact of your research.

Thorough Proofreading

An error-free manuscript reflects professionalism. Proofread your manuscript meticulously for grammar, spelling, and formatting errors before submission.

01. Will you give me publication assurance for my research paper?

We will give you publication assurance for all sorts of journals whether it is free or paid.

02. Will you provide me a paper rewriting service?

Yes. We will. Our team will analyse your paper and if it needs paper rewriting we do the same.

03. Can you suggest a fast accepting journal in UGC?

Unfortunately we are unable to tell the name of the journal. Once you forward the research paper then we suggest the journal.

04. What is the least price for publishing my paper in paid journal?

We will analyse your paper then we analyse the price and let you know. If you want more details, then you can reach us to

05. Will you provide journal revision assistance?

Yes. We will. Our team will give you journal revision for free.

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