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Anna University Annexure 2 journal publication is the most valuable journal publication for all domains. HIGS is here to help you with Annexure 2 paid or free journal publication. Here at HIGS, you will be getting the Anna University annexure 2 journal list, you can also download the annexure journal 1 pdf, annexure 2 journal guidelines, Annexure 2 journal paper writing, and more. HIGS, a professional PhD research guidance, and journal publication company will be supporting you in publishing fast and easy PhD research papers in Anna University Annexure 2 paid/free journal list 2024. HIGS will be with you in meeting the norms and rules of the annexure journal to get fast and easy journal acceptance is a highly indexing journal.

Anna University annexure journals offer a huge list of paid and free journals for many research domains. For publishing your research paper in a1 journal list in April 2022, your paper must meet a high level of quality standards. You must meet the journal norms and regulations with the help of journal paper writing experts. Anna university annexure 2 journal list has many fields to publish your relevant paper such as Structural engineering, transportation engineering, geo-informatics, remote sensing, computer methods and applications in structural, infrastructure engineering, Advanced construction engineering, computer-aided structural engineering, Geomatics, construction engineering, genetic engineering, and more.


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At HIGS, we follow the easiest workflow for annexure 2 journal paper publication. You can follow a step-by-step process to meet the fast journal publication in Annexure. Here, we have given a clear workflow for the journal publication process.

You can check your price and offer details with the help of experts.

You can connect with the team of business coordinators to get some publication ideas.

You can get free technical discussion sessions from domain experts. You can share and get excellent ideas from domain experts.

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We deeply analyze your paper and suggest an appropriate journal name to you.

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We do a clear quality assessment for your research paper to check whether it matches the journal norms or not.

If your journal doesn’t meet the quality level of a journal, then you can request HIGS writers to rewrite your paper.

We will pass your work to the journal after completing the quality assessment process.

We share the login details and process of acceptance with you. Then you can track the publication process.




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  • 01A misleading research title can lead to immediate paper rejection from our chosen journal. You need to make sure that your research paper title delivers what your research work is about. A confusing and misleading research paper title that does not set the limits of a research study is a severe problem. So choosing a correct research title will be the best choice always
  • 02 Misleading abstracts is another main issue that can lead to the research paper rejection from the journal. You can make sure that the results and conclusions of your PhD research paper in the abstract are the same as the paper. So this will also make your escape from journal rejection.
  • 03 Incomplete introductions and confusing introduction part is considered major writing problem. A complete introduction must preferably contain the study question, research hypothesis, and study objectives.
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  • 04 A complete research paper introduction is vital to deliver the significance of your research work. So writing a clear introduction relevant to your research topic will also help you in fast paper acceptance.
  • 05 Authors often tend to replicate their methodology in all their papers. The methodology should also be tailored to reflect the current study. The irrelevant and confusing methodology will also help you in paper rejection.
  • 06 You must severely avoid errors in the results section. Errors in the results section are a common occurrence. As a research scholar, you must avoid errors in the result section. Errors in the result section may give a false and confusing conclusion to the readers so there is a chance of paper rejection.
  • 07 Plagiarism is the most important thing when it comes to research papers. Your journal will strictly evaluate the percentage of plagiarism with the help of standardized software such as Turnitin. So, you can highly concentrate on it to avoid paper rejection.
  • 08 Indulging in plagiarism or self-plagiarism is a serious ethical breach resulting in the rejection of your manuscript. However, one can avoid committing this misconduct by using an online plagiarism checker to acknowledge sources even if you are paraphrasing sentences.
  • 09Research papers should be novel and original, and any paper that does not meet the level of novelty will not be considered for publication.
  • 10 Poorly written research papers with more grammar errors, writing flaws, and plagiarism, will not be considered for paper rejection.
  • 11 Non-adherence with scientific writing ethics will lead the journal paper rejection. Your research paper must adhere to the ethical guidelines of the journal without fail.
  • 12 Technical errors in the content of your manuscript may give false and confusing impressions in the reader’s mind. So try to avoid technical flaws in your research paper.

And finally, if you are taking so much time in writing your manuscript and reducing your plagiarism percentage, then hiring an expert will be the best choice for you. HIGS has top-level annexure journal paper writing experts to give you a flawless research paper.

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