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Annexure 2 publication is one of the topmost journals. We have experienced nearly 150 papers published in Annexure 2 journals every year. Here, HIGS offers excellent help for PhD scholars in a fast and easy way. There are plenty of research domains available under Annexure 2 journal. They are,

  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Medicine
  • Business Management
  • Nanotechnology
  • Social Science
  • Mathematics
  • Healthcare & More

You can get the updated Annexure 2 journal list 2023-2024 from HIGS. You can dial +916382814563 to get the latest Annexure 2 journal list, and you can clarify your doubts by sending mail to


People Also Ask

01. Will you charge me additionally if I hire you for the paid journal publication?

Yes. There will be some processing fee. You can contact our team HIGS to know about the charges.

02. Will you rewrite my Annexure 2 paper?

Yes. We will. Our team will write, rewrite, and also edit your research paper.

03. Can you suggest an appropriate journal for computer science research?

We can’t predict the journal because journals will be suggested based on the abstract & titles you have chosen.

04. Can I do Journal Revision?

Yes. You can. We will help you in journal resubmission and revision.

05. Where can I get Anna University Annexure 2?

HIGS will give you the entire list of Annexure 2 journals under free or paid journals.

What Are All The Advantages Annexure 2 Journal Has?

  • Career advancements
  • Professional Recognition
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • Increased visibility
  • Impact on society
  • Credibility & Trust
  • Professional development
  • Inspiration for future research
  • Contribution to the research field


What Are The Steps Involved In Annexure 2 Journal Publication?

There are several steps involved in Annexure 2 journal publication. We strictly follow journal guidelines to give you 100% paper acceptance. Here, at HIGS we follow some steps to publish your paper in Annexure 2. They are,

  • Step 1
    You place your order through the given order form on this website.
  • Step 2
    We will discuss with you whether you need paid or free journals to publish your papers.
  • Step 3
    If you have written the paper, we will analyze its quality.
  • Step 4
    If not, we can also write your paper with all the journal guidelines.
  • Step 5
    We suggest the journal names as per your chosen topic & paper.
  • Step 6
    You can also request a paper rewriting if you feel that your paper does not match the standards of the chosen journal.
  • Step 7
    We submit your paper for quality assessment
  • Step 8
    We submit your paper to the journal.
  • Step 9
    We do journal revision & journal resubmission
  • Step 10
    Share & promote the published paper.

You Must Concentrate On The Following Before You Get Into Paper Publication. They Are,

  • Is the research topic clearly defined in your paper?
  • Is the conclusion clear in your paper?
  • Does the subject of current interest match with the journal?
  • Is the subject addressed significant to public libraries?
  • Does the manuscript provide new information or insights?
  • Does it build on previous work?
  • Have you met all the guidelines of the journal?
  • Check whether you have proofread your article.

Tips To Publish Papers In Anna University Journal

Anna University Annexure 2 journal publication needs some careful attention while writing your paper. Here are a few tips to follow while writing & publishing your Annexure 2 journal paper. They are,

  • Completely read and understand the submission guidelines of the research paper.
  • Make sure that you are selecting a paid or free annexure journal for publication
  • Always submit a paper of good length
  • Check the publication fees of that journal
  • Discuss the chosen journal with your mentor
  • You should check whether your subject area matches the journal name.
  • Check out the flow submission guideline of the journal
  • Try to check your plagiarism level by using your university-recommended software.



  • 01. Lack of novelty & originality
  • 02. Improper rationale
  • 03. Flaws in methodology
  • 04. Lack of interpretations
  • 05. Inappropriate statistics
  • 06. Poor writing quality
  • 07. Inadequate analysis
  • 08. Poor organization
  • 09. Inaccurate data
  • 10. Out of scope
  • 11. Lack of state-of-the-art overview
  • 12. Unclear research question
  • 13. Unsuitable paper topic
  • 14. Lack of editing & proofreading
  • 15. Problems with language & style

What Should You Do If Your Paper Gets Rejected By The Journal?

Once your paper is rejected, you need to move on with the further steps. They are,

  • Appeal the decision with the journal
  • Revise and resubmit to the same journal
  • Revise and resubmit to a different journal
  • Drop your submission process and seek help from some journal experts.

Our journal experts will do the following,
  • Read the reviewer’s comment
  • Make appropriate journal revisions to your article.
  • Rethink about the choice of your journal
  • We do journal resubmissions.

What Are All The Services We Offer Under Journal Paper Publication?

We offer endless research support for our clients. We specified the following services that we offer under journal publication. They are,

  • Journal selection
  • Paper writing
  • Quality assessment
  • Paper rewriting
  • Paper editing
  • Proofreading
  • Journal revision
  • Journal resubmission & more

What Are The Suggested Guidelines For Writing A Research Paper For Annexure 2 Journal?

Every research student must submit the paper individually under the guidance of the supervisor.

All the research students must follow the guidelines stated below.

Summarize, analyze, explain, and evaluate published works rather than merely reporting them.

Reveal the plan of your organization

Define terms & concepts wherever necessary

Consider sentence structure, word choices, punctuation, and spelling.

Before submitting your paper, you need to make sure that your paper has met the submission guidelines, journal requirements, and more.



What Do You Need To Know About A Paper Publication?

There are several things you need to know before you go for a paper publication in various journals. HIGS will always be available here to clarify all your doubts regarding journal paper publication. We are not only here for paper publication, we are your standard publication expert assisting all the PhD research programs. Before publication of your paper, you must consider,

  • Is Your Article A Good Fit For The Chosen Journal?
  • Do You Know The Requirements Of The Chosen Journal?
  • Are You Aware About The Publication Policies Of The Journal?
  • Have You Read The Instructions Of An Author?
  • Have You Met All The Quality Standards Of The Research Paper?
  • Have you done proofreading for your research paper?

What Do You Need To Know While Writing Your Annexure 2 Research Paper?

  • Have You Identified Your Keywords?
  • Have You Written An Effective Title & Abstract?
  • Have You Written Your Catchy Cover Letter?
  • Is Your Paper Easy To Read?
  • Have You Cited Sources Correctly?
  • Have you provided enough justification for the topic?

What should not be followed while writing a research paper for Annexure-2 publication?

There are various steps involved in research paper writing. In each and every step, you need to undertake unique approaches and you must follow all the guidelines derived by your university. Your paper may also get rejected by the journal due to minor or major mistakes made by you. So, you must be aware of the mistakes that you should not make in your research paper. They are,

  • Choosing the wrong topic & wrong journal
  • Unclear research question
  • Not citing sources correctly
  • Not proofreading your paper correctly
  • Insufficient planning & organization
  • Not figuring out the statement of the research problem
  • Grammar and language errors
  • A High percentage of Plagiarism
  • Unaware of choosing reference material
  • Overlength of paper
  • Very short papers
  • Irrelevant content
  • Not citing the sources correctly
  • Irrelevant figures
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