Proofreading and Rewriting in Academic Writing:

Proofreading and rewriting are the most important process carried out in writing, after the completion of the rough draft. A document/manuscript is made eligible for Publication through the proofreading and rewriting processes.

Proofreading and rewriting your own work is good, but always having an opinion from an experienced Person is also important. Further, A new pair of eyes may catch the mistakes that you may not notice. Hiring a Proofreading and rewriting service and ensuring the efficiency of your paper with them is better for gaining more confidence before submitting the document.


Are you seeking a better Proofreading and Rewriting Service? Then you have reached the right place HIGS, India's best research assistance company provides dedicated,client-satisfactory service all over India.HIGS proofreading and rewriting service ensures that the document/research paper/thesis is free of Language errors and makes it fit for the publication process.

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is the process of reading and reviewing the entire document for careful checking of errors in the text before it is published. Proofreading focuses on fixing and eliminating technical errors, correcting spelling, capitalisation, and punctuation and also present the paper in a concise manner. It is the final stage of the writing process.

What is Rewriting?

Rewriting is the process which is done before proofreading. In other words, Proofreading is the final procedure of the Rewriting process which ensures the perfectness of the document. Rewriting involves changing words, reframing sentences and even modifying paragraphs for enhancement of the vocabulary and language flow of the Written document.

Why HIGS is the Best Proofreading and Rewriting Service?

  • HIGS proofreading and Rewriting include correction of Improper capitalisation in heading text, Configuring inconsistencies in the content and refining incorrect terms, rectify errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax.
  • Our experienced writers enhance the style, clarity and tone of your writing and even rewrite the sentence to avoid unnatural phrases to improve the language and its content concise and compelling.
  • HIGS Rewriting service offers substantial revisions to improve clarity, Language flow and readability. Our research paper Rewriting service provides more than just quality rewriting.
  • We offer free technical discussion with our team if you need it and provide the best quality service at an affordable price.

Importance of Proofreading and Rewriting

  • Proofreading is absolutely essential for extracting high-quality documents, Whether it is academic or professional.
  • Acception or rejection of a document is the difference between proofreading and not.
  • Proofreading is the last chance to find and fix errors before was submitted for approval.
  • An excellent document cannot be created without reviewing, reflecting and revising it before the final version of the manuscript is submitted.
  • It allows us to make a good impression and avoid the feeling of embarrassment.

Our Proofreading and Rewriting service ensures the following in documents:


Proper Grammar is essential for the readability and clarity of the writing. Incorrect grammar will falsify your meaning. Correct grammar makes the Writing easier to read and also increases your credibility. By eliminating grammatical errors from your writing, we provide a clear communicative document.


Punctuation is necessary to convey the meaning of a written statement. A change in Punctuation can change the meaning of a writing. Using appropriate punctuation enhances clarity and precision in writing. We check that correct punctuation is used wherever necessary and produce a flawless document.


Spelling is a critical component in communication. Exact spelling facilitates communication and avoids confusion. Good spelling improves the professionalism of the text and creates a great impression on the reader. In our proofreading process, we accurately verify the spelling of each sentence.

Sentence structure

Good sentence structure is important to good writing. Poor sentence structure can discomfit the readers. Therefore, sentence structure is necessary since it provides us with the framework for clear written expression of ideas. We always maintain correct sentence structure in all documents.


Capitalization means the first letter of the Word should be written in Capital or Uppercase and the rest are written in a Smaller case. Capitalization rules are a part of Grammar and writing rules. We follow those rules throughout the document.


We ensure that the concept should be consistent throughout the writing. Consistency promotes clarity and logical flow within the content. It includes accepting one font size, a few font sizes, consistent pronouns, standard terminology, and one style guide as a reference throughout the document.


Formatting makes reading easy. Formatting is important to get discipline and adherence to a document. It includes font selection, font size and presentation (like bold or italics), spacing, margins, alignment, columns, indentation, and lists. We follow the format as per your requirement.


A document consists of small numbers, large numbers, decades, and statistics. Each type of number may follow a different rule and we follow it. In a document, smaller numbers ranging from one to ten are written in words. Larger numbers are written as numerals.


Typography involves selecting typefaces, point sizes, line lengths, line spacing and letter spacing to make the written language. We check the legibility and appeal of the document when displayed. Typography promotes readability and helps to convey the message, tone and intuition of writing.



Difference between Proofreading and Rewriting

Rewriting Proofreading
Is performed on the first draft of the document, and continues till the final draft. Is performed on the final draft of the document.
Verifying the core features of rewriting Veryifying surface-level issues
Enhance the language by changing the words, and reframing the sentences and paragraphs. Find and fix errors in the document such as grammatical inconsistencies and formatting errors.
Can make changes to the content for the betterment of the document if required. Ensures that the components are displayed correctly.
If required, the word count can be reduced. Does not include word count reduction.
The overall quality of writing is improved. The quality of the whole document is improved.
The editor needs to work with the author. Does not need much work with the author


HIGS offers Proofreading and Rewriting services for PhD studies in any discipline. We offer Proofreading and Rewriting Services to University and Scholarly Publications such as

Whatever the area of your research, HIGS will help you in every step of the research journey. We assure you that our professional editors will edit and Proofread your document to get an excellent document that is well-written, precise and easy to read. HIGS offers extreme privacy to your research project work. we assure you that we don’t share any of your information with others. After the work is done we will delete every trace of your document in our systems. Thus ensuring the confidentiality of our research project.

HIGS enhance the quality of your writing by

  • Eliminating errors in language, grammar, and typology.
  • Improving the clarity of Sentence structure
  • Polished word choice with better paragraph structure
  • Applying Formal style for Academic writing.
  • Greater concision with reduced repetition
  • Smooth language flow ensuring content coherence

HIGS have a range of features that make our clients keep coming back:

  • Editor's expertise in your paper’s subject area
  • Direct communication with our editor team.
  • A range of turnaround times.
  • Free technical discussion with our technical team.
  • Guaranteed time delivery of projects.
  • Affordable Price and Client satisfaction.
If you wish to seek more details about our service, you may send your details through email at or WhatsApp at: +918681018401. Our Service at any stage of PhD research is open to reach you anywhere.Want to have free consultation and to know about us visit
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