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As the best PhD consultation in India, HIGS provide first-class journal revision or journal comments corrections for your research paper/document to get it published in a reputed journal. Our service offers guarantees to our clients that their manuscripts shall not be rejected for grammar, writing style/tone or formatting issues. We also offer Plagiarism removal services for manuscripts. We also provide free technical discussion with our technical team if you need it.


There is a proverb, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so your article is the same in the journal publication. It takes repeated revision to make a paper/document eligible for publication. Peer-reviewed journal articles will undergo an evaluation process in which journal editors and other expert scholars critically assess the quality and scientific merit of the article and its research. Papers which get qualified in those processes are published in peer-reviewed literature/journals.

HIGS editors do journal revisions and make corrections suggested by the journal editors and peer reviewers thus moulding your paper eligible for publishing in reputed journals. We revise and review your paper for corrections and resubmit it to the journal until it gets published. We are ready to offer our service at any stage of your research studies to till the end of your PhD journey. Hire us for getting the best quality assistance and support for your PhD research.

What is the main purpose of peer review?

Peer review is the system used to assess the quality of a manuscript before it is published. In the scientific community, peer review has become an essential component of academic writing for journal publishing. It helps ensure that papers published in scientific journals answer meaningful research questions and draw accurate conclusions based on professionally executed experimentation.


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Role of the journal editor

The editor decides whether your paper fits the aims and scope of the journal, then select the reviewers and guides the paper through several revision stages. Minor revisions and major revisions are the two most common editorial decisions after peer review. The journal editors and reviewers crew will suggest any of the following comments to your article based on the percentage of quality for publication.

  • Accept
    This means that the paper can be published in its current form.
  • Minor Revision
    The paper requires some edits or elaboration before it is publishable.
  • Major Revision
    The paper needs substantial revision such as additional literature or rewriting.
  • Reject
    The revision required is too great or the paper does not fit the scope of the Journal.

What Is a Major Revision in Journal?

Major revision comments given by the journal editor’s crew have the potential to change the risk level of the study. This means that the revision is adding or removing significant procedures, adding a new group of subjects. Importantly, if there are furthermore mistakes in the second review of the document, it’s risky and there is a chance for rejection of the paper.

What Is a Minor Revision in Journal?

Minor revision indicates that there are a limited number of changes that are needed to improve the manuscript for publication. This won't risk the level of study. Usually, a document in the minor revision category doesn't get rejected. The mistakes noticed by the journal editors and peer-reviewers must be corrected and the paper can be published

What Do We Do?

Our team at HIGS offers revisions for research papers/thesis and also corrections commenced by the journals.

  • We Do Major Revisions
  • We Do Minor Revisions

Our Service History

We have made corrections and revisions to the research papers as per the journal editors' and reviewers' comments and successfully published the papers in high-ranked journals. We have done revisions and published papers in journals such as

  • SCI

Why Do You Want To Choose HIGS Journal Revision Service?

  • Journal formatting and writing style requirements are complied with after the successful completion of our manuscript rewriting service.
  • With the formatting style indicated, we make corrections in Page numbers, headings, font style, font size, in-text citation style, referencing style, etc.
  • Our editors for journal manuscript rewriting services are PhD degree holders and have years of experience rewriting articles for journal publication.
  • We correct the Logical issues and writing style commented upon for manuscripts per the client's chosen service.
  • We revise and review your paper/document, make corrections suggested by the journal editors, and resubmit the paper until it gets published in that journal.
  • We provide free technical discussion with our technical team to clarify your doubts about the research documents and we also provide a Turnitin plagiarism report for your document.
  • 1. What is the purpose of revision?
    The word” revision” literally means to read things again. i.e, The purpose of revision is to check how your text is organized and to clarify the mistakes in a document such as deleting unnecessary sections and adding needed information.
  • 2. Will you provide a guarantee for the publication of my paper?
    Yes, we will provide revisions, make corrections and resubmit the document until it gets published in the journal. We will modify the document ethically so that it will be made eligible for publication.
  • 3. What do you do in the revision?
    Revising is the process of rethinking the paper. We reconsider your arguments, review your purpose, refine your evidence and reorganize the presentation of the paper.
  • 4. Will you do any corrections to my paper if needed, after the delivery of my work?
    Yes, we will do free corrections until you get 100% satisfaction with our work.
HIGS not only Provides rewriting service but also provides service in every stage of a PhD research journey. We are affordable and offer the best quality service all over India. To know more about us contact us via email at, , call us on +916382814563, or chat with us through Whatsapp at +918681018401.
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