HIGS will provide complete assistance in how to write a review paper, and we show the clear format of a review paper for PhD scholars. We provide your expected paper format such as IEEE review paper format, and more based on your university or a journal guideline. We show you multiple review paper samples, formats, procedures, and more. Our PhD consultants will clearly give you an explanation of what is literature review in research and how to write a literature review on papers such as Engineering, management, technology, arts, science, and more.

how to write a review paper


Here, we have given some key elements of the review paper. They are,

  • The main motive behind the review paper or literature review is to assess the prevailing data or results of the research work that couldbe carried out through research analysis, classification, comparison, and summary of the entire research.
  • In research, review papers can help you to find out the research gaps in current research, to discover potential areas in a particular research field.
  • Your contemporary review paper will always help you to come out with novel conclusions from already published works of the same research.
  • Your review paper or review article must be in a fluent and clear form because, if any research scholar or researcher wants to conduct research on a particular theme, they will first read out the review articles similar to that research area to identify the research gap for concluding the problem statement.
  • Your review article must give clarity, novelty, and contribution to the scientific area.

"After all this, there are several journals that publish only review papers, and they do not accept research articles. It is important to check the journal before writing and submitting."


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Literature review writing examples

HIGS will always give you the literature review writing examples.

We have provided simple “6” steps for writing a literature review.

  • Identify and define the research topic that you will be reviewing
  • 2.
  • Conduct a literature search
  • 3.
  • Read through the research that you have found
  • 4.
  • Organize your notes and thoughts and create an outline
  • 5.
  • Write, edit, and revise your literature review as needed.
  • 6.
  • Include your literature review in your main work.

Benefits of Literature Reviews

There are so many benefits in writing a literature review. By summarizing the previous research on a research topic, this literature review shows multiple benefits. This includes,

  • Literature reviews will always help your readers to understand what is known about a research topic without finding and reading through multiple sources related to your research topic.
  • In your research work, your Literature reviews help you to set the point for future readers about new research on a given research topic.
  • Literature reviews can help the paper writers to learn about a given PhD research topic while in the process of preparing the literature reviews. In the act of research and writing the literature review, the writer gains expertise on the research topic.

Our Working Flow

HIGS follows simple and very easy working flow that meets our client’s highest satisfaction level. We follow simple “9” steps of working flow. They’re,

  • You can place your review paper writing order in this page.
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  • We start collecting relevant sources to write your literature review part.
  • We analyse your work and research ideas and we share our collected details with you and start writing your rough draft.
  • Once you give approval after reviewing your rough draft, we start writing your main work.
  • We implement all the research sources relevant to your chosen research topic and we write your main work.
  • We pass your work to quality assessment team to check whether your work has met the quality standard level or not.
  • And then finally, once it meets all the quality standards and expected plagiarism percentage then we deliver it to you.
  • You can just review it and if there are any corrections, you can always let us know.


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