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Journal paper publishing is the process of publishing years of research as a paper in International Journals such as Scopus, Elsevier, SCI, IEEE, Springer, web of science, Taylor, and Francis, and more. It has always been a benefit for researchers across the globe to do their research papers published in world-class journals. So, getting help from a publication support provider makes the research process easier than before.

It is abroadly accepted fact that academic publishing is a rigorous and daunting process. For many PhD scholars, especially first-timers, the publishing process can be a daunting task. Non-adherence to journal guidelines and publishing protocols results in outright rejections. Hence, the crude reality of academic publishing is that there are more manuscript rejections than acceptances, let alone successful publications.



Here, HIGS will help you with journal publications in mechanical engineering, computer science, microbiology, operations research, mathematics, education, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, English literature, Educational Research, Image processing, Immunology, Infectious disease, Information systems, Information technology, Industrial engineering, Material science, Medical Education, Machine learning, and more.

Our team will strictly look over the following “ 10 ” process. They are,

  • 1.Research your publishing options from various journals.
  • 2.Take the time to discover the appropriate journals in your research field to select the best fit for your research.
  • 3.Draft your research article.
  • 4.Get valuable feedback
  • 5.Read the instructions from the authors.
  • 6.Make your submission.
  • 7.Peer review.
  • 8.Making revisions.
  • 9.Your article is accepted.
  • 10.Promoting your published work.


Identifying the best place to publish your research work always involves many factors. And HIGS will clearly identify the entire research scope and your entire research work and identify the exact journal based on your need. Our team will take over the publication process under the following journals such as,

  • SCI journal publication
  • IEEE journal publication
  • Elsevier journal publication
  • Scopus journal publication
  • Springer journal publication

And more…HIGS will occupy a wider role in publishing your research papers both in a free and paid manner. And HIGS will also make sure that we will help you with fast and easy journal publication.

Stuck with your research paper publication?

Research paper publication in reputed journals is a daunting process. So, hiring an expert to publish your work will be the best thing whenever you need help with paper publication.HIGS will guide you in how to write a research paper for journals such as SCI, Scopus, Springer, Elsevier, IEEE, and more

“Here HIGS has given 10 unique reasons to write & publish your research work”

  • Research paper is actually the act of putting your research in to a paper. It will help you to explain your research goals.
  • Your research paper will help you in studying and understanding your own research data, and force you to relate your research work with others.
  • Peer review provides important feedback on the validity of your research methodology, and can offer insight in to the next steps for advancing and understanding your work.
  • Communicating the research information that you have found will help other researchers to advance their work.
  • So,build the body of research knowledge that occurs in your research field.
  • It will largely help you to Write and publish your research inthe larger context.
  • Your published paper can help in the public understanding of a research question.
  • Having a robust body of published works helps advance your career as you are considered for academic appointments and promotions.
  • Publishing helps establish you as an expert in your field of knowledge.
  • Peer-reviewed publication provides evidence that helps in the evaluation of the merit of research funding requests.

Publishing your research paper in world-class journals will always help you in the following… They are,

  • It improves the writing and research process
  • Experience with the scholarly publication process
  • Connects with professors& researchers
  • It displays the research scope
  • It always professionalizes your experience
  • Contribute your research for future


Here, HIGS can be with you in fast and easy journal publication. HIGS also provides various promises to get 100% satisfaction from clients. We provide,

Real-time project help
Subject-matter expert guidance
365 days of research guidance
Experienced research guides
Fast & easy journal publication
Professional paper writing help
End-to-end research guidance
Free technical guidance
Free add-ons & plagiarism report

Our working process:

HIGS follows a very strict and smooth workflow for your research work. We undergo the following,

  • You can place your order for paper publication either in free or paid journal publication.
  • We will analyze your research work and suggest an appropriate journal for you.
  • Once you accept your journal then we start analysing the quality of your research work.
  • If your quality is very low or it doesn’t match the journal scope, then we advise you to rewrite your research paper.
  • Once everything is done, then we undergo the publication process. We provide fast and easy journal publication.
  • We also do journal revision and journal resubmission processes.
  • Finally, we track the publication status.
  • Once it gets done, we share the acceptance details with you.
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