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Q1 is occupied by the top 25% of the journals. Q2 is in the top 25-50% group. Q3 is occupied by the journals in 50-75% of the group. Q4 is occupied by the journals in the 75-100% group. HIGS will give you assistance in how to find Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 and give you an entire Q1 journal list 2023 & 2024. Q1 q2 q3 q4 in India mostly holds journals from almost all the disciplines.

You can get to know the Q1 journals meaning and you will find excellent ways to get your paper published in reputed journals.


Among many ways that writing Q1 journal papers helps your career are

Developing and enhancing your unique value propositions and personal research. You will get a good recognition for your research. Proof of your contributions and influence for procedures like professional or academic advancement. The act of publishing a research paper can confer numerous benefits upon researchers, such as enhanced visibility, professional recognition, career progression, credibility and trust, opportunities for collaboration, impact on society, professional development, inspiration for future research, and contribution to the field. It can support the growth of knowledge and understanding in a particular topic, help scholars establish themselves as authorities in their field, and open doors to new prospects.


How do you know if a journal is Q1?

  • To select the Q1 journal, the impact factor & cite score of the journal must be high.
  • To be classified under Q1, the impact factor of the journal must be high.
  • Alternatively, to be classified under Q2, the impact factor must be in the upper half of the journals.
  • To conclude the quartile of the journal, you need to check the impact factor of the journal in bibliographic databases.

What are all the promises HIGS can give you in Q1 journal publication?


  • Professional write-ups
  • Original content
  • Journal adherence
  • Free plagiarism report
  • Affordability
  • Free Journal discussions
  • More offers & discounts
  • Free revisions

Standardized Publication support in Q1 journals

Q1 q2 q3 q4 journals in India frequently undergoes so many journal paper publications across so many research domains. We will give you a way how to find q1 q2 q3, and we will give you a q1 q2 q2 q4 journal list 2024 pdf. You will get a list of q1 journals for all your research areas. You can avail fast and easy journal publication assistance for all sorts of research areas. You can check out what is q1 journals and journal publication procedures.

We under take quality filled publication for all research areas. We take care on plagiarism checking, grammar checking, journal scope matching, quality checking, and more. HIGS perform an excellent research support with the following advantages. Our advantages are as follows:

  • 24/7 publication assistance
  • Free journal selection
  • Free publication consultation
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  • Q1 q2 q3 q4 journal lists 2024
  • Subject-oriented assistance

And much more.

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Is it worth publishing in Q3 or Q4 journals?

Publishing in Q3 & Q4 journals also has its own advantages. They are,

  • More accessible to authors in terms of pricing policy.
  • They are suitable for achieving scientific goals.
  • If your work has new and important findings, it can gain attention even from less prestigious journals.

Order for a publication in prestigious journals with the help of experts right now


HIGS provides free and paid Q1 journals in a fast and easy way. Here, we have given simple steps we follow in HIGS. They are,

Send your manuscript and title details to our team HIGS.

You can get the price details and get a free journal discussion session from our experts.

Our team will assess your paper and check whether it matches the guidelines of the journal or not.

If the paper has low quality, then we advise you for paper rewriting.

We will undergo paper writing with all the guidelines of the journal.

We undergo paper rewriting & proofreading. Also, we check for plagiarism.

We perform journal submission in a chosen journal based on your domain.

We also do journal revision with the help of journal experts.

We also perform journal resubmission in a different journal as well.

We share the paper acceptance details and we undergo paper promotion.

It is good to publish your papers in Q1! You will get high values! The Q1 journals are the ones that occupy the best positions and therefore, are the most prestigious and famous in their classifications because they have gotten for the valuation of the year the best and most numerous cites of their journals. The classification of journals by quartile is based on the impact factor. Q1 includes the most prestigious journals in the field with the highest number of citations. Q2 covers journals with slightly lower impact factors, but still of high quality

How do we calculate a impact factor of Q1 journal?

In most fields, an impact factor of 10 or greater is considered an excellent score while 3 is flagged as good and the average score is less than 1. However, the impact factor is best read in terms of subject matter in the form of the 27 research disciplines identified in the Journal Citation Reports.

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Free revision - We undergo free journal revision with the help of journal paper with the help of journal paper writing & rewriting experts.

Publication assurance - We will give you 100% paper publication assurance for all your manuscripts.


  • To determine if a journal is in Q1 or Q2, we will check its impact factor or CiteScore.
  • To be in the group of Q1 journal, a journal's impact factor must be in the highest quartile; it must be in the top 25%.
  • Q1 is actually means ranking among the top 25% of journals in the same field. Q1 score is related to any paper published in IF-ranked journals.
  • The utmost admired journals within a subject area are those inhabiting the first quartile Q1.


There are several advantages available for Q1 journal publication. We have listed several benefits of publishing journals in Q1 journals. They are,

  • Professional recognition
  • Career development
  • Inspiration for future research
  • Research development
  • Higher visibility
  • Credibility and trust
  • Give space for future research
  • Encourage future research

Our team HIGS will help you in publishing research papers in world-standardized journals like Q1. We add more clarity, originality, contemporary content, and more. We help you in high quality, peer review process, journal publication, journal revision, journal resubmission, and more.

Domain-based Q1 journal publication support

HIGS is the pioneer Q1 paper publication partner providing an exclusive research support in publishing your research papers in Q1 journals. We are here to provide endless research support in many research areas. You can get the Q1 q2 q3 q4 journal list 2023 and 2024. We are most often engage with research works from various research domains. They are,

Social sciences Mathematics Psychology Physics & Astronomy Arts & Humanities Business management Accounting
Chemical Engineering Computer science Data science Machine learning Bioinformatics Biotechnology Chemistry
Earth & Planetary Science Economics Health and Medicine Energy Engineering Environmental Science Material science

How do we find a suitable journal for paper publication?

  • We will find out a suitable journal that will fulfill all your research needs.
  • We help you to identify the suitable journal in which you have to publish your Q1 research paper.
  • We help you to do the scope match of your chosen journal for paper publication.
  • We help you to do the journal peer-review process.
  • We will be with you in journal revision process.
  • Our team will also help you in knowing the status of the journals in which you have published your paper.
  • We stand with you even if journal rejects your paper.
  • We will rewrite and correct it with the hands of our native employees and we resubmit it under a different journal.

How we are giving 100% assurance for paper acceptance?

As we have more than 10 years of experience in the same field of research. So we know the tricks and tips of easiest journal publication. So, if you hire us for a Q1 journal publication, then we strictly do the following.

  • Because, we know 99% of your paper gets rejected because of these reasons.
  • Your paper may filled up with more flaws
  • Your paper may contain more language errors and grammatical errors.
  • It may contain more plagiarism
  • You might not have a proper plagiarism tool to check plagiarism as recommended by the university.
  • You might be slip out from the chosen research topic
  • You might not fulfill the journal rules & guidelines
  • Your content of the research paper may be very older
  • Your literature review part may different and out of research topic.
  • You might be chosen unrealistic methodologies.
  • So, HIGS here promising you that we never do such mistakes in your research paper.


πŸ’‘ Can I get journal acceptance within a month?

No, that is not possible to publish your paper within a month. We give maximum of 150 days of time for paid paper publication. And we don’t give any timeline confirmation for free journals. But we give journal acceptance guarantee.

πŸ’‘ Is there free journals available in Q1 journal list?

Yes. Under Q1 list you will get both free and paid journals for all the research domains.

πŸ’‘ Will you provide me a proofreading service for my Q1 paper?

Yes. We are teamed up with highly experienced proofreaders and editors to do the effective journal paper rewriting and proofreading as per the guidelines of the journal.

πŸ’‘ Can I reach you for only plagiarism check & publication process?

Yes. You can reach us for both. We undergo a strict plagiarism check with the help of a turnitin plagiarism software. And also we undergo journal paper publication.

πŸ’‘ How to browse the list of Q1 journals?

HIGS will help you in getting Q1 journals list under free and paid category. You can directly reach our team to download the list of Q1 journal pdf.

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