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Synopsis rewriting is very important to get a better impression among peers since the goal of synopsis rewriting is to rectify grammar literals, reframe the words and build credible sentences.

What is a synopsis? A synopsis is a detailed summary that describes the whole content of the work such as a book, research report, novel, etc. In PhD research, a synopsis is a short form of your full PhD research proposal and an introduction to the report. Also, a synopsis is a complete summary of your book that you use to give a complete account of all the key details from beginning to end. The synopsis rewriting provides a final review of the synopsis to ensure that there are no mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, Capitalization, abbreviations or formatting before it is printed and presented to the public.


As the best rewriting service in India, HIGS offers a first-class synopsis rewriting service. We follow the characteristics of synopsis and ensure its quality. Synopsis rewriting is focused on reframing the words, sentence formation and correcting your grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.HIGS offers the finest synopsis rewriting in India with reliable customer service and provides extreme privacy to the client and their projects.

Characteristics of a Synopsis to be followed in rewriting:

A synopsis gives the entire data in a shorter structure. A better Synopsis has Three Fundamental Attributes such as



Brevity is important in synopsis writing. It is defined as shortness in the duration of the expression in a written text by reducing unnecessary details and providing a simple, direct sentence structure. It is considered a virtue as long as it conveys the message without loss of clarity.We ensure brevity in the written text.



The synopsis is an integral part of a research paper/thesis and should be precise. It’s something that writers and editors struggle with many attempts to improve. Our Professional editors strive to achieve precision because it's the hallmark quality of sound writing.



Objectivity is a must in synopsis since it eliminates personal opinion and ensures balanced observation based on the facts which can be verified. Writing in an Objective way Or impersonal way enables one to sound more convincing to academic intended peers.

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Why Synopsis rewriting is Done?

Synopsis rewriting is carried out for improving clarity and conciseness. When reviewing what is already written in the synopsis, there may be sentences that are vague or unclear. So making the sentence clear is important for a better synopsis. If the synopsis is longer than a couple of pages, some cutbacks are necessary. HIGS offer high-quality rewriting service by inquiring into each sentence and word. After an intensive read, the editors reduce the run-on sentence or subordinate clauses that unnecessarily lengthen your synopsis.


How To Write A Synopsis For Research?

Synopsis Format: The structure of synopsis depends on the nature of the manuscript. It begins with identifying your principle and details about the setting. Followed by discussing major plot points and then the intervention.

Then it ends with how the conflict will be resolved. The synopsis should be clear and to the point. The format of the Synopsis for the PhD Project contains certain protocols that need to be included.

The PhD synopsis format may vary from one institution to another. However, besides minor differences, the general format remains almost the same.

    A synopsis must have the following sections
  • The title of the Research
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Objective of your work and hypotheses
  • Methodology or your work plan
  • Bibliography or references
  • Conclusion including the scope and limitations of your study

Why is HIGS the Best Rewriting Service in India?

  • Our expert editors will assist you in drafting your synopsis as per your requirements and by eliminating errors.
  • We offer a first-class rewriting service at an affordable price irrespective of any research domain and country.
  • We offer substantial revisions to improve clarity, Language flow and readability. Our rewriting is more than just quality rewriting.
  • You can have a direct conversation with our coordinators to clear your doubts in accordance with the project
  • We will strive to deliver the project, by fulfilling all demands, before the due date given by the clients.
  • We edit the manuscript based on the client's preference, feedback and requirements to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Can I get a discount on the Service charge? Characteristics-of-synopsis

Yes, you can get a discount of 10% by referring someone.

2. What is the cost of rewriting a document?Characteristics-of-synopsis

It is based on the size of the document( word and page count), the content of the document, the deadline for completion etc. so please contact us to know about the price quotes.

3. Is my information secure with you?Characteristics-of-synopsis

Yes, we guarantee 100% privacy of client details. We don’t share any information about our clients and their projects with third parties.

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