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HIGS holds 200+ English writers from various educational backgrounds. They possess extensive knowledge of research paper writing.

Our experienced team will provide help with how to do efficient research, and how to synthesize related information, and this will surely save time and let you concentrate on the remaining work.

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Steps of Research Paper Writing



This is the first & foremost step you must take while going for a selection of a research topic. There are specific things that you must look over while selecting your topic. They are as follows

  • Before choosing your interesting PhD research topic, you must consider your interest.
  • You must have a complete interest in researching that chosen research topic.
  • You must enjoy the entire process. So, never put yourself in zero interest while doing your Doctorate.
  • So, beware about choosing your interesting topics. Get more than 1000 research topics that surely grab your attention.


Depending on the purpose of your research paper, you may find yourself adopting an objective for your study. Ask yourself about how the information fits with your objective of the study.

  • It is always better to choose your objective before going to search your sources.
  • If you have chosen your objective earlier, then you can incorporate your objective in online searching.


It is better to collect resources soon after choosing the research topic. You can find information on your selected topics from various sources. Some resources are discussed below.

  • Books available in the local library or you can download books from online resources.
  • These published books on your research topic is the greatest resource where you will get plenty of information.
  • These published books will likely be one of your most reliable sources for finding quality information.
  • Your selected books will also contain a references option where you will get even more information.
Online encyclopedias
  • The most reliable information available on the internet is online encyclopedias.
  • They have the highest probability of producing real-time information.
  • It holds a collection of short and factual information written by different contributors.
  • Encyclopedias are highly recommended as a starting point for your research on a particular topic.
Academic journals
  • These academic journals are periodicals devoted to scholarly research on a specific field of research.
  • Academic articles will be written by professionals, so this is also the greatest choice if you are going to find detailed information.
Expert interviews
  • If possible you can go through the expert interviews. This will help you explain, better understand the research area.
  • You must go through the interviews with the professionals who are working in the field where you are studying.


You must take notes while going through the available resources on your topic. You must be very conscious of the information where you found them. Taking notes will significantly help you in this. It prevents confusion. And we have discussed several points about how to take your notes.

  • To keep all the information in order, you must categorize them with a sub-topic.
  • If you are using internet copies of books or magazines, it is better to use sticky tabs, to mark paragraphs or content.
  • By keeping your notes brief and simple, you can easily understand them later.
  • Don’t make your notes too lengthy.


Always consult with your supervisor because he or she is always able to help you by narrowing your focus. There are several things that you must do & don’t ask your supervisor. They are,

  • Avoid asking your expert to give you a research topic.
  • By asking your supervisor about the selection of your research topic, you might get a topic that you do not have an interest in.
  • If you have more topics in mind but if you are not sure about developing suitable objectives, then you can ask your supervisor to help with this.
  • You can plan to discuss your options with your supervisor and come up with a decision yourself rather than having him or her choose the research topic for you from several options.



This is the most important step that you come up with. Here, you can create an introduction section, build the body of your article, create your reference section, state your conclusions, revisit your research objective, and give the final touches to your work.


Introduce your topic and mention the purpose of the research study.

Body of the article

Here, you must include the key elements, methodologies used, and results obtained.

Cite your references properly

You must properly cite your references. It must be accompanied by an in-text citation. A basic citation includes the author, title, and publication information of the source.

Revisit your research Objective

Once you have completed your draft, then it is better to go back to your introductory paragraph to check whether you have accomplished the stated goals or not.


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  • We search deeply for the details, produce the evidence-based, and write a clear format that is perfect for our targeted audience.
  • We make sure that we conduct both primary & secondary research.


There are “10” top reasons for research paper rejection. They are,

  • Lack of novelty
  • Fail to present the obsolete study
  • Improper rationale
  • Flaws in methodology
  • Lack of interpretations
  • Incomplete statistics
  • Not matching with the journal
  • Lack of originality
  • Lack of in vivo studies
  • Irrelevant subject matter

Mistakes that you make while submitting your research paper

There are plenty of reasons behind your PhD research paper rejection. They are,

  • Missing conflict of interesting statement
  • Improper manuscript uploading
  • Missing cover letter
  • Improper formatting
  • Language, grammatical, and typographic errors.
  • Abstract not given as per journal’s requirements
  • Inappropriate reference citation
  • Fail to edit your research paper.
  • Missing submission deadline
  • Not meeting the required plagiarism percentage.

Our stepwise working process for writing your research paper

Just ask our team to write your paper and then sit back & relax!


You can completely go through our page, completely know about us, and place your order.


You can also request a free technical discussion session before placing an order or after placing your order.


You will be connected with our subject-matter experts for any research-related discussions.


Ask about the payment details with our business coordinating team.


We will start writing your first draft after your confirmation.


Then, we will arrange for a live demo session. Let us know the corrections that are to be made in your research paper.


We will start writing your main paper with all the modifications that you have requested.


After this also we will give you a live demo session.


Then we will edit and proofread your research paper.


Then we will pass your paper to the quality assessment team.


We make sure that your paper has met the required quality standards and we will deliver the paper to you.

What are all the domains we cover in PhD research Guidance and assistance?

Our research team offers exclusive research services for our clients from various subject areas. We are teamed up with more than 100 subject-matter experts from various educational backgrounds. Our team holds almost experts from various disciplines with a doctorate and master's degree. We will cover almost all the research areas. Here, we have listed the main domains that frequently our team engages with. They are,

  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Business & Management
  • Technology
  • Medicine & more.

We have mentioned some of the frequent research topics based on domains. They are,

👨‍🔧 Engineering

In 2024, we have given assistance to the following research topics in Engineering. They are,

  • Atomic-level tailoring of nanomaterials
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Biomedical signal processing
  • Bio-fluid and tissue mechanics
  • Medical devices
  • Biomaterials
  • Advanced feedback control methods
  • Alternative fuels for engines
  • Tribology
  • Renewable energy
  • Electrical power systems
  • chemical reaction engineering
  • And More
👨‍🔬 Science

In 2024, we have given assistance to the following research topics in Science. They are,

  • Black holes
  • Gene therapy application
  • Pluto
  • Stem cells and pluripotency
  • Bio-fluid and tissue mechanics
  • Big Bang
  • Climate change
  • Developing renewable energy sources
  • Epidemiology and coronavirus
  • Algae bloom
  • Hubble Telescope
  • Air pollution
  • Acid rain
  • And More
👨🏼‍📝 Arts

In 2024, we have assisted with the following research topics in Arts. They are,

  • Myths In Classical Greek Sculpture
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Gendered Roles In Modern Arts
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • History of the pyramid of Egypt
  • Impact of visual art on culture
  • Influence Of Ancient Philosophers On Art
  • Principles of Pop Art
  • Professional jargon on social media.
  • Aesthetics And Style Of Greek Architecture
  • The link of language aspects to literacy.
  • The use of language in political competition.
  • The challenges of modern English literature.
  • And More
👨🏽‍🏭 Business & Management

In 2024, we have given assistance to the following research topics in Business & Management. They are,

  • Aggregate Planning
  • B2B
  • B2E Management
  • Best Practices
  • Brainstorming
  • Business Plan
  • Capacity Planning
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Diversification Strategy
  • Divestment
  • Downsizing and Rightsizing
  • Economies of Scale and Economies of Scope
  • Decision Rules and Decision Analysis
  • And More
👨🏻‍💻 Technology

In 2024, we have given assistance to the following research topics in Technology. They are,

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Can virtual reality replace actual reality
  • Explore the future of virtual reality
  • Analyze the future of the Internet
  • Computational thinking and science
  • Effects of ethical hacking
  • How does technology oppose nature?
  • How does technology oppose nature?
  • Is digital voting risky
  • Machine learning and its relevance
  • Ai and the game theory
  • And More
👨🏼‍💉 Medicine

In 2024, we have given assistance to the following research topics in Medicine. They are,

  • Child health care
  • Homeopathic medicines – the placebo effect
  • Virus infections – causes and treatment
  • Artificial tissues and organs
  • Rare genetic diseases
  • Brain injuries
  • Antibiotics treatments
  • Chronic diseases
  • Palliative treatment
  • Battling Alzheimer’s disease
  • Professional diseases
  • Epidemics versus pandemics
  • Is medical research on animals ethical
  • And More

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Who will write my paper?

Professionally well-knowledged research experts from your research domain will write your paper.

Are your writers are doctorate?

Yes. But not all of them are doctorates. Many of them are doctorate experts but all of them have their degrees in masters.

Will I be getting my plagiarism report along with my paper?

Yes. You will. We have a separate plagiarism-checking service that will be provided with a free Turnitin plagiarism report.

Will you use any online software to write my paper?

No, we won’t use any online software to write your paper. We will employ only human writers to write your research papers.

Is there any international writers available?

HIGS holds only native English-speaking writers to write your paper.

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