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HIGS- The standardized and the best research paper writing services in Delhi. HIGS has a panel of experts to cater to all your needs. In Delhi, we have a vast range of clients from the areas such as Adarsh Nagar, Ashok Vihar, Bawana, Azadpur, Derawal Nagar, Ashok nagar, Mayur Vihar, and more. Our PhD research paper writers in Delhi possess the following qualities such as,

  • 🏆 High-quality research paper writing
  • 🌟 Flawless writing
  • ✏️ Subject-oriented writing
  • 📝 Creative & innovative content
  • 📚 Journal-based research paper writers

We provide you with the best and in-class research paper writing service in India. We undergo Scopus, SCI, UGC, and Q1 paper writing services. We commit to all journals with the highest level of quality standards. We are a paid and affordable PhD research paper writing service in Delhi. We have a well-qualified and technically good expert team with master's & doctoral degrees from various educational fields.



We have professional research paper writers having professional degrees and high levels of creativity skills. Our writers will give you customized research papers on time. We will give you,

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Plagiarism-free papers
  • Offers & Discounts
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • Professional writers
  • Affordable services
  • Save your time
  • Doctorate professionals
  • Make publication easier

Cheap research paper writing services in delhi

We are the No:1 and affordable research paper writing services in Delhi. We serve all the PhD candidates in Delhi universities. We give you multiple research paper writing samples for almost all the research areas. We also provide consultations through research paper writers online. HIGS follows excellent research paper writing steps to provide the perfect piece of research papers for our clients.

HIGS is the top research paper writing consultant in Delhi and you can hire the best research paper writers in the city. Get expert assistance for peer-reviewed journal paper publication in Delhi. HIGS panel of experts are well-versed in guidelines and requirements. Our research paper writing services are designed to provide expert assistance and support. We have a team of experts dedicated to PhD research paper writing services in Delhi. Hire the best research paper writers in New Delhi with HIGS, ensuring top-notch assistance for academic projects and achieving high-quality results. We are a dedicated PhD research paper writing service in Delhi, where our team knows exactly how and where to find relevant information.

Meet all your requirements!

  • We are deadline achievers who have years of experience in working even during peak hours.
  • High-quality research work that never slips out from the quality metrics of the University or journal.
  • We will provide subject-oriented research papers. We will give you 100% domain- adherence.
  • HIGS will give you 100% paper acceptance for all the research papers written by us.
  • We undergo free journal paper revisions to make sure that your paper has no errors.
  • We provide a 100% guarantee for confidentiality.

Get a error-free subject-based Research paper

It is important for a PhD scholar to write a professional research paper with all the norms of the university and journal. Here, HIGS will give you standardized writing & publication assistance to publish your papers in world-class journals. We make sure that your papers which are written by our team will not slip out from the quality standards, You can reach us to write a paper and get subsequent support in publishing it under reputed journals like,

  • SCI
  • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 JOURNALS
  • IEEE
  • And More
Hire team HIGS and get exemplary PhD Research papers.

Complete Assistance - We give you assistance in writing, rewriting, proofreading, plagiarism checking, quality checking, and much more.

Chapter- wise help -We write provide you in chapter-wise assistance. You can contact us for any chapter- wise help or writing your complete research paper.

Quality assurance - You will get high quality paper that will be assured by our quality controlling team by subjecting it for multiple screening.

Steps of writing a Research Paper

There are professional steps involved in writing your research paper. Each and every step will be carried out by professional research experts.

  • Step 1
    You can verify the website and be sure that you are approaching the best company for research paper writing in Delhi.
  • Step 2
    You can place your order with us. Check your custom price quotes & offers with the help of Business coordinators.
  • Step 3
    If you are okay with the price quotes, then you can confirm your order. You can request a free technical discussion.
  • Step 4
    You can contact us through call, mail, WhatsApp, or any convenient method to talk with our research paper writers online.
  • Step 5
    After all the above, Our team will send you a rough draft of your research paper through any convenient method.
  • Step 6
    After checking the rough draft of your paper, you can request the necessary corrections that should be done in the rough draft.
  • Step 7
    Our team will make the required paper corrections and start writing your main paper with all the quality standards.
  • Step 8
    We take advantage of journal rules and your requirements, university rules to write your paper. We never slip out from the quality.
  • Step 9
    We edit and proofread your paper to get better quality.
  • Step 10
    We will submit it for a quality assessment and we deliver your work.

The best In- class writing services in now at Delhi!

Our Top research paper writing services in Delhi possess the best-in-class paper writers. If you are looking for the best online research paper writing services in Delhi, then hiring HIGS will be your ultimate option. If you want to check the research paper writing services in India price, then you can get in touch with our team of experts who will quote the most affordable price list. So, stop worrying by searching for free research paper writing services near me! HIGS is here to write your perfect blend research paper!

What are all the subject areas we cover in PhD research paper writing service in Delhi?

Our research paper writers at HIGS are delivering the only quality-filled research paper writers. We are here to write all subject area research papers. As we have research paper writers from various educational backgrounds, we are fulfilling the needs of research scholars. We will give you endless research assistance for the subject areas such as,

Big data Artificial intelligence Greenhouse Thermal engineering Water resource
Telecommunication Biosensors Antenna Wireless Communication Marketing
Health and Medicine Law and Legal Studies Arts and Design Language and Linguistics Tourism and Hospitality
Finance Accounts Organizational behavior Structural Engineering NLP
Computer Security IoT Image Processing Cloud Computing Signal Processing
Microwave in Electromagnetic Control System Power Systems HRM And More


We have varied knowledge across all the research areas. We have a better understanding about research topics under all the domains. We have various research strategies that we undertake to write your research paper. They are,

  • We understand your research topic clearly
  • We conduct a very deep preliminary research
  • We develop a research statement
  • We create a research paper outline
  • Develop a first draft of a research paper.
  • We keep all your journal guidelines focused.

Our valuable services are here to assist our PhD scholars in their academic degree

Research topic selection

We select your topic according to your subject area. You can explore more research topics that have a higher range of sources. We will help you in selecting contemporary research topics.

Guide selection

We search available guides profile & research position. We analyse whether they will be suitable for your selected subject area, then we will suggest a guide for you.

Research proposal writing

We will write your research proposal that matches your university requirements. You will be getting a subject-based research proposal without any errors. We bring the entire research process into a single proposal.

Review paper writing

We write your review paper by writing the title, citing the article, summarizing it, and critiquing it. We identify your exact research gap. We also help you in writing a plagiarism-free review paper.

Conference paper writing

HIGS writers will also write your conference paper. We write according to the title. We add all the objectives of the entire study. We will give you a well-written, coherent paper.


Our team of experienced & well- efficient programmers will do the implementation process that comes with Java, Python, Python Spyder, Matlab, NS2, Matlab Simulink, and much more under any research stream.

Research paper writing

HIGS will help you in writing your research paper with top quality. We will write your paper according to the university & journal rules. We will craft each section of your research paper with standard content.

Research reports writing

In your research report, we include your research problem, hypothesis, experiments, and methodology. We will mention all the research procedures that we have undertaken during the research process.

Synopsis writing

HIGS will also help you in writing an excellent synopsis that contains a clear objective of your work & hypotheses.

Thesis writing

We help you in the custom thesis writing process. We implement all the necessary quality metrics in your research paper. We also offer customized & genuine thesis reports for your research work.

Research papers rewriting

In the research paper rewriting process, we will look over your spelling, grammar, and sentence formation. We will look over your word choice, content flow, and much more.

Synopsis rewriting

We will give you a complete rewriting assistance with all the necessary terms. We will work on words reduction, word increment, word choice, sentence follow, spelling & grammar, and many more.

Thesis Rewriting

We also do your thesis rewriting by looking over your spelling, grammar, structure, formats, content flow, and much more. We will improve the words, & terms. We help you to formulate the words in a correct format.

Rewriting and Proofreading

We review your entire documents and fix all your errors. We always check your final draft and make sure that your work has no errors in it.

Plagiarism check

We use standardized Turnitin software for your plagiarism check. We undergo a very strict plagiarism check that will be lower than your university required percentage level.

Journal publication

We undergo a very fast and easy journal publication process under various journals such as SCI, Springer, IEEE, UGC, Q1, Scopus, Taylor & Francis, and more.

Viva process

This is one of the final stage of your research where you will be awarded with the most prestigious degree of PhD. You will an assistance for your viva process from our experts.


We will give you a final assistance in your PhD process by helping you in havig your guideship. Our team will guide you in proper way of guideship process.


There are general chapters available to write a research paper. They are,

  • 01. Title
  • The title page must have the title of the paper, author’s name, and the institutional affiliation. A professional paper must have the author’s note.

  • 02. Abstract
  • Your abstract part is a short summary of the research paper. Your abstract part of a research paper must contain a word count of 250-300. Some journals require an abstract of 150 word count

  • 03. Introduction
  • Your Introduction part must have a word count of 400 words. Your introduction part will occupy approximately 10% of your research paper.

  • 04. Literature review
  • Your literature review part of the research paper must contain a word count of 2000-3000 words. If your paper is 15 pages long, then you could opt for a 2-3 page literature review.

  • 05. Methodology & methods
  • Your methodology part of a research paper must have a total of 700-800 words. You should include the essential parameters & you must specify the relevant issues of your research paper.

  • 06. Results
  • Your results part should not exceed 1000 words. And it must be within 4-9 paragraphs. You must summarize the findings of your research study.

  • 07. Conclusion
  • Your conclusion part must contain over 1500 of the total word count. In this, you must restate your research problem addressed in the introduction section.

  • 08. Discussion
  • Your discussion part must be 1000-1500 words in length. You must comment on whether or not the results were expected and present explanations for the results.

  • 09. References
  • In the reference part of your research paper, you must state of Publication, Publisher, and Year of Publication.


HIGS has a highly experienced group of professionals with over 10+ years of experience in various research areas. Our research paper writers have the following qualities such as,

  • We have written more than 500 research papers per annum.
  • We have subject-matter experts who will write your research papers.
  • Our writers are deadline achievers.
  • Our writers are experts in language and communication skills.
  • We have experts who can handle very unique research paper topics.
  • Our research paper writers in Delhi have a clear knowledge of University guidelines and the latest university & journal updates.


99% of your manuscripts getting rejected for the following reasons!

A poorly written research paper may lead you to face many consequences. And there are so many reasons for your research paper rejection. Many journals have updated the latest rules & norms for manuscript publication. Here, we have given several points for the manuscript rejection.

  • Your paper may have language error
  • You may lose the flow of your research paper.
  • Your paper has not met the journal rules.
  • Your paper has synonyms and meaning errors.
  • You may write your paper that may slip out of your subject area.
  • You might have written your document with more plagiarism.
  • You might choose the irrelevant research topic.
  • Lack of interpretations
  • Inappropriate & incomplete statistics.
  • Lack of novelty, and originality.
  • Lack of presenting the obsolete research study.
  • You may have flaws in methodology.
  • Missing cover letters
  • Abstract not given as per journal requirements
01. Can I get subject-matter experts to write my research paper?

Yes. You will get subject-matter experts for your subject area. You can contact us and tell us your subject area and we will assign an appropriate writer for you.

02. Will I be getting a free plagiarism check?

No, it is a paid service. But you will get a free plagiarism report.

03.Can you help me in getting journal acceptance in a single attempt?

Yes. Our team will write your research paper that will meet all the journal norms & guidelines.

04. To whom I can be in touch for my work updates?

You can be in touch with our expert team of business coordinators and writers for your work update. You can dial +916382814563.

05. Can I contact you to write any one chapter of my research paper?

Yes. You can. You will get chapterwise assistance for all your research work. You can contact at the beginning of the paper or in the middle portion of the research paper.

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