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HIGS- The best PhD research paper writing services in Hyderabad. We are here to provide end-to-end research assistance and a top-notch paper-writing service in Hyderabad 2024. We are the research-oriented, domain-based, grammatically error-free research paper-writing company in Hyderabad. HIGS- The best PhD research paper writing services in Hyderabad, we are serving approximately 1500+ clients every year. We have satisfied clients across all the areas of Hyderabad such as Mallapur, Kukatpally, Secunderabad, Jubilee Hills, Hi-Tech City, Shamsabad, Gachibowli, and more.

Advantages of hiring HIGS for PhD research paper writing services in Hyderabad

There are plenty of advantages you will get once you hire HIGS for PhD Research Paper Writing in Hyderabad. HIGS not only helps you in paper writing, but we are also the best paper publishers in Hyderabad, helping you with fast & easy paper publishing. Our team of writers will follow the correct journal paper format.

HIGS will be the best paper writing service in Hyderabad to accompany you from the beginning of the research to the end of the research. We will help you in getting admission for PhD in Hyderabad University. HIGS will help you with part-time & Full-time time PhD in Hyderabad.


Importance of Writing a Good Research Paper

Writing a research paper is a tricky and daunting task when compared with the other tasks of PhD research. A good research paper must be accurate & authentic and it must be ready for journal publication. A well-written research paper must add–up the novel data about the research topic. Your research paper must elucidate the knowledge of the subject, summarize the research objective, research procedures, and conclusions, and it must reveal the findings of the research study.

A well-written research paper must fulfill the following qualities. They are,

Grammatically well written
Recommended journal format
Recommended journal guidelines
Plagiarism- free
Error- free
It must have a strong research hypothesis
Clear research objectives
Clear & logical structure
Thorough Literature Review
Data Analysis & interpretation
Well- organized chapters
Proofreaded Document

Simple Steps for Writing A Research Paper

The steps involved in writing a research paper are as follows

1. Choose a topic.

Choosing a research paper topic is one of the most important things when you decide to write your research paper. A broad, open-ended research question or research topic is the best choice.

Choose a topic.

2. Planning & Scheduling

Make sure you have a plan for your writing and research before you get into your topic. A clear schedule will help to prevent you from being overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to perform as the deadline draws near.

Planning & Scheduling

3. Conducting Research

You will probably use a range of materials when conducting your research, including books, magazines, video presentations, and in-person interviews.

Conduct Research.

4. Organize research and ideas

Making a database with the items you've gathered, your tasks for each, and perhaps a summary and important points is helpful. To make your list, using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Organize research and ideas.

5. Drafting your research paper

The goal of composing a qualitative research paper is to begin the process of presenting the analysis while carrying out further research. Clear drafting of the research paper is mainly carried out with well-organized chapters of the research paper.

Draft your paper.

6. Revising & editing your paper

The last stage of creating a research paper involves revising and rewriting your work. To make sure that each part of your work flows logically, you can rearrange the structure of your paper or edit it for coherence and unity.

Revise and Rewrite your paper.

Our Journal Writing Service Covers

We are not only here for your PhD research paper writing, we are also here for all your research work from the beginning to the end. We help you in fast and easy journal publication under various research streams. We are dedicated to writing the research papers for our prestigious journals. Such as,

What are all the domains we cover?

HIGS team is here with 250+ research experts from various educational backgrounds. Here, we have listed our frequent domains and the frequent research topics that we cover. Our domains are,

πŸ”§ Engineering

In 2024, we are recently committed with these research topics in Engineering.

  • Atomic-level tailoring of nanomaterials
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Biomedical signal processing
  • Bio-fluid and tissue mechanics
  • Medical devices
  • Biomaterials
  • Advanced feedback control methods
  • Alternative fuels for engines
  • Tribology
  • Renewable energy
  • Electrical power systems
  • chemical reaction engineering
  • And More
πŸ”¬ Science

Our Science research team in 2024 is currently undergoing the following research topic. They are,

  • Black holes
  • Gene therapy application
  • Pluto
  • Stem cells and pluripotency
  • Bio-fluid and tissue mechanics
  • Big Bang
  • Climate change
  • Developing renewable energy sources
  • Epidemiology and coronavirus
  • Algae bloom
  • Hubble Telescope
  • Air pollution
  • Acid rain
  • And More
πŸ“ Arts

Our research team undergoing following Arts research topics in the year 2024

  • Myths In Classical Greek Sculpture
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Gendered Roles In Modern Arts
  • Harlem Renaissance
  • History of the pyramid of Egypt
  • Impact of visual art on culture
  • Influence Of Ancient Philosophers On Art
  • Principles of Pop Art
  • Professional jargon on social media.
  • Aesthetics And Style Of Greek Architecture
  • The link of language aspects to literacy.
  • The use of language in political competition.
  • The challenges of modern English literature.
  • And More
🏭 Business & Management

In 2024, we are currently doing research under the following topic. They are,

  • Aggregate Planning
  • B2B
  • B2E Management
  • Best Practices
  • Brainstorming
  • Business Plan
  • Capacity Planning
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Diversification Strategy
  • Divestment
  • Downsizing and Rightsizing
  • Economies of Scale and Economies of Scope
  • Decision Rules and Decision Analysis
  • And More
πŸ’» Technology

Under Technology research domain, we are doing research in the following topics in the year 2024.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Can virtual reality replace actual reality
  • Explore the future of virtual reality
  • Analyze the future of the Internet
  • Computational thinking and science
  • Effects of ethical hacking
  • How does technology oppose nature?
  • How have smartphones reduced live communication
  • Is digital voting risky
  • Machine learning and its relevance
  • Ai and the game theory
  • And More
πŸ’‰ Medicine

We are here with endless research topics in Medicine. But we are currently doing research under,

  • Child health care
  • Homeopathic medicines – the placebo effect
  • Virus infections – causes and treatment
  • Artificial tissues and organs
  • Rare genetic diseases
  • Brain injuries
  • Antibiotics treatments
  • Chronic diseases
  • Palliative treatment
  • Battling Alzheimer’s disease
  • Professional diseases
  • Epidemics versus pandemics
  • Is medical research on animals ethical
  • And More

If you are searching for the Research Paper Writers near Hyderabad, then HIGS will be the best choice for you. We are here for your PhD Research paper writing/Rewriting/ proofreading and more. We are a top-notch research service that holds the best Academic Writer, Paper Writers for writing scientific documents. HIGS has the name as the best research paper writers in Hyderabad offers the high quality academic services & scientific writing services for your PhD research under any research stream. We are dedicated professionals providing help for researchers, scholars, in a customized manner.


Research paper writing has evolved into an unwritten need for scholars everywhere. But the majority of them struggle to produce a work of high enough caliber to be accepted for publication in a reputable peer-reviewed journal. A comprehensive study proposal is the first step in a first-rated dissertation, which is another area that appears to be difficult for researchers. We are providing researchers with our custom paper writing services in Hyderabad because of this necessity.

HIGS is the ideal option if you're looking for research paper writers in the Hyderabad area. We can help with writing, Rewriting, proofreading, and more for your PhD research thesis. We are an excellent research agency with the best Academic Writers and Paper Writers available for producing scientific writing. For your PhD research in any field of study, HIGS, known as the top research paper writers in Hyderabad, provides excellent academic and scientific writing services. We are committed experts offering specialized assistance to scholars and researchers. Writing papers for PhD students and researchers might be challenging. In order to avoid rejection while submitting the journal paper, this paper writing assignment must be completed to the highest standard. HIGS is a one-stop shop for all things relating to research, and students can receive research paper writing aid in Hyderabad from them.

Writing research papers is a crucial duty for scholars, Ph.D. researchers, and students to maintain their research background. If you are in a state of hiring a research paper writer, try not to give up. Our research paper specialists work with you until you are happy with the results. Writing a research paper is difficult. For satisfying results, you must be meticulous and committed to writing a research paper that incorporates unique ideas. Our skilled writers are prepared to satisfy the needs of the client with their original and unique research paper writing ideas. They are outstanding writers and clear issue explanatory communicators. Analytical, argumentative, compare and contrast, cause and effect, definition, experimental, informative, interpretive, persuasive, problem-solution, reports, and surveys are just a few of the research paper writing assignments that we manage.

ADVANTAGES OF HIRING HIGS- The best research paper writing service in Hyderabad

HIGS works with highly qualified & well- experienced researchers, subject matter experts, and business professionals. When we use our professionals to write your resources are used, the research paper is of a higher caliber and results in higher grades. You will also get some notable advantages. They are,

  • You will get a subject-matter expert to write your research papers.
  • Professionals of HIGS will be aware of the new version of journal guidelines.
  • You will get a well-defined research paper with the suggested formatting.
  • You will get an informative, brief, and well-explained research paper.
  • You will get 100% domain- adherence.
  • You can get a plagiarism-free content
  • You can finish your research paper on time.

What is the standard journal format we follow?

HIGS gives you the basic sequence for writing a research paper. They are,

01. Abstract

"A short but clear description of the problem or issue, followed by an explanation of the methodology and research strategy, the key findings, and the conclusions.

We write Abstracts with 170-200 word count

02. Introduction

The Introduction of the research paper should begin with a compelling statement that draws the reader offering an overview of the most recent research on the topic you have chosen.

We write an Introduction with a 700-750 word count

03. Literature Review

Your literature review must include a critical analysis of the material that has been acquired on your subject. The analysis examines the relationships, major themes, and any notable gaps in the findings that are presented in the paper.

We include approximately 800-850 words in your Literature review research paper

04. Methodology

The first section of your methodology section should include an explanation of your research issue and the kinds of data you employed to address it.

We include approximately 2600-3000 words in your research paper

05. Results

To contextualize the research findings with your research question, the results section must include an overview and presentation of the study's findings.

We include 1300-1500 words in the result part of the research paper

06. Discussion

We discuss whether the results met your expectations or not. We explain unexpected results and the significance of the research work.

We write approximately 2500-3000 words in your research paper.

07. Conclusion

In Your conclusion part of the research paper, you should summarize the key ideas of the research paper. You should include the final impression of the central research idea.

We include a maximum of 175- 200 word count.

08. References

You should include the details of the Author, date of publication, title, publisher, and page numbers of the research paper.

You should include nearly 200 words.

We are not only here for PhD Research Paper Writing, we also stand with you in the end-to-end research process. We stand with you in admission, entrance exam details, guide selection, topic selection, research proposal writing, research paper writing or rewriting services, thesis writing, proofreading, plagiarism checking, and more.


Writing a perfect research paper is such a difficult task. Journals having various guidelines and norms to write the manuscript. Here we have framed the Top β€œ10” Reasons of journal rejection. They are,

  • Lack of critical reviews or propaganda of the given techniques.
  • Inadequate and obsolete literature survey
  • The paper describes a poorly conducted study
  • The paper has methodological problems
  • Out of scope of the journal
  • Lack of proper structure or not following journal formatting requirements
  • Lack of relevance
  • Problems with the manuscript's language or structure
  • Lack of up-to-date references or references containing a high proportion of self-citations.
  • Poor analysis such as using inappropriate statistical tests or a lack of statistics data

Need Our 10 Steps of Workflow

Step 1

You can place your order with us through our website & any other method

Step 2

You can get a free technical discussion from our experts and subject -matter experts

Step 3

You can request for a rough draft for your work from our research team

Step 4

After checking your rough draft, You can request for corrections & modifications in the rough draft.

Step 5

We will start writing the main work with all the needed client's requirements.

Step 6

We will do the professional Turnitin plagiarism check for all your documents

Step 7

We will do the quality assessment to check whether it has met the quality standards or not

Step 8

Get a complete explanation from the domain experts and mentors for your research work

Step 9

We deliver the entire research work to you within the given timeline.

Step 10

We welcome all your positive & negative feedbacks to improve our work even more better

01. If I request a journal rewriting, will you do that?

Yes. We will. HIGS is also involved in the manuscript rewriting process.

02. Will I be getting offers & discounts?

Yes. You will get frequent offers & discounts. We also give friends referral options for our clients. To know more offers, you can dial +916382814563.

03. Can I have a consultation session with experts?

Yes. You will. You can have a free technical discussion session with our expert team.

04.Can I get the sample research paper for my subject area?

Yes. But we can show you only the formats. Due to privacy policies, we are unable to disclose other client’s details.

05. Which plagiarism checker you are using?

We are using Turnitin plagiarism checker as recommended by so many universities.

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