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HIGS- The best PhD Research Paper Writing Service in Kerala offers quality-filled research paper work. We give standard research paperwork with all the suggested rules from the journal. We write the complete research paper with all the necessary chapters of the page at HIGS- the best PhD Research Paper Writing Service in Kerala . A research paper chapter contains- Title page, Abstract, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Discussion, and reference section. As the best PhD Research Paper Writing Service in Kerala, We have nearly 200+ research paper writers from various educational backgrounds. Our team HIGS at Kerala offers Engineering, Arts, Management, Law, Technology, and Medical research paper writing services in Kerala.


We are professionally regarded as the “Best Manuscript Writers in Kerala”. We have 5000+ satisfied clients across areas such as Trivandrum, Alappuzha, Palakkad, Kozhikode, Thrissur, Malappuram, Kottayam, Kannur, Kasaragod, Kochi, Thalassery, Kollam, Neyyatinkara, Payyanur, and more. We have more than 5000+ satisfied research scholars from varied educational backgrounds. We are legal, trusted, and affordable services with end-to-end research assistance.

Personalized PhD Research Paper Writing Services in Kerala

Our comprehensive research paper writers in Kerala works based on our client’s requirements. We are working to satisfy the needs of our clients in various aspects. HIGS is generally known as a highly experienced, detail-oriented, professional, client-based research paper writing company with an exceptional record of achievement and demonstrated success establishing and managing journal manuscripts.

What are all the prime qualities of our research paper?

As the best PhD Research paper writing service in Kerala, we derived specific qualities that are to be implemented on your research paper. An outstanding research paper depends on meeting the basic requirements. We write your subject-based, journal manuscripts on the basis of originality, Quality, and Impact. There are general principles which we follow in terms of research paper writing. They are, descriptive, direct, accurate, appropriate, interesting, concise, precise, unique, and should not be misleading.


What is the general format of writing a research paper?

As the best PhD research paper writing service in Kerala, we follow journal-recommended formats to write your paper. We always include the following in all the formats of a research paper. They are,

  • State the purpose or objective of your research study
  • Highlight the key characteristics of your research work
  • Describe the important results of the study
  • Highlight the novelty of your work

We include the following chapters in your research study. They are,

  • 1.Title page
  • 2.Abstract
  • 3.Introduction
  • 4.Literature review
  • 5.Results
  • 6.Methodology
  • 7.Discussion
  • 8.Reference

What should your Title page have?

Your title page of the research paper must have the name of the paper, the author’s name, institutional affiliation of the author. The institutional affiliation is usually listed in an Author Note at the bottom of the title page.

Your title page may have the 10-15 words maximum

What should your Abstract page have?

Your abstract must begin with a brief but concise statement of the research problem or issue. It must be continued with the description of the research methodology, research design, the major findings, and the conclusion.

Your abstract part must have 250-300 words.

What should your Introduction page have?

Your introduction part must contain an overview of the research work. You can start writing your introduction part by broadly introducing the topic, then introducing the general background information, narrowing it to specific research, and finally mentioning your research question, and hypothesis of your research work.

Your introduction part must have maximum of 400 words.

What should your Literature review page have?

The Literature Review of the paper must be included with a comparison and contrast of different studies. Discussing the controversial aspects helps to identify the main gaps that need to be worked on.

Your literature review part must have maximum of 3000 words.

What should your Methodology page have?

Your methodology part will be started by describing your research question and the type of data you used in answering it. You need to mention why this type of research is important, why it is appropriate, and why it is relevant. You must explain the process of data collection method you are going to undertake.

Your Methodology part must have maximum of 3000 words.

What should your Results page have?

The results section of the research paper must summarize and present the research findings of the research study to put them in context with your research question. The data of the research study must be presented in a logical sequence.

Your Results part must have a maximum of 4000-6000 words.

What should your Discussion page have?

It is one of the final parts of the research paper. Here, you need to describe, analyze, and interpret their research findings. You can write your discussion section in “3” parts such as, an introductory paragraph, an intermediate paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph.

Your Discussion part must have maximum of 1000-1500 words.

What should your Reference page have?

Your reference section of the research paper must have the name of the author, date, title, source elements, and much more. Here, you must give the title, author, publishing date, and retrieval details. Put the work's number in parenthesis at the conclusion of the citation if it is numbered in the database.

Your Reference part must have maximum of 3000 words.

What are all the advantages you will get by hiring a research paper writers?

  • Our writers will work with the journal team
  • We aware of the issues, methods, and results
  • Experienced hands in applying concepts of the research topic
  • They have an excellent problem-solving skills
  • They provide scientifically sound results.
  • They will follow all the journal guidelines
  • They are an excellent language-polishing team
  • You can get your research works within the short deadline.


HIGS team is also involved in carefully reviewing the original research paper and then creating a new version of the research paper that presents the same ideas of the research and findings in a different way. “WE PERFORM PAPER REWRITING”. We recommend paper rewriting for our clients under the following conditions such as,

  • You should consider rewriting when you meet multiple times of paper rejection from the journal end.
  • When your paper has no flow, no recommended format styles.
  • Your paper may lack originality in terms of plagiarism percentage.
  • Your paper may contain improper proofreading and formatting.
  • It may contain poor grammatical flow, poor language structure, and more.
  • You might not follow the journal requirements.
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Our frequent research domains

HIGS will help you in doing your complex and easy research work in a highly professional manner. We have more than 250 experts across various research areas. Here, we have our frequently engaging domains. Our team will also help you in selecting your PhD research topics. We are here with endless research ideas to meet all your research requirements. Our novel research areas are as follows,

  • 🔧 Engineering
  • 📶 Technology
  • 🖌 Arts
  • 📈 Management
  • 🏥 Medicine
  • 📣 Marketing
  • 🌍 Science
  • 🔬 Life Science
  • 📐 Mathematics & More

Our End-to-End Research services

We are your complete research partner providing A-Z research assistance from the beginning stage of your research to the end. We are trusted, professional, high quality PhD research partners that provide the following services. They are,

As the best PhD service providers, we will be your best research partners for part time, full time, and distance PhD in Kerala. If you are ready to “pay someone to write my term paper in Kerala'', then HIGS will be the best choice. As the best PhD assistance in Trivandrum, we help you in getting admissions for your PhD in reputed universities in Kerala, we help you in writing, rewriting, and proofreading your PhD research documents. We have a team of the best research paper writers in Kerala to write your paper and thesis in a high quality manner.

Our Workflow

We are providing a very smooth and easy workflow for our clients. Here you follow a step-by-step working process. They are,

  • Step 1

    You can approach us through mails, calls, or any other methods.

  • Step 2

    You can let us know the service details you need from us.

  • Step 3

    Whatever the services you request from us, you will get a free technical discussion session. Through this section you can share and get research ideas.

  • Step 4

    You will have a rough draft for your writing services for thesis, research paper, proposal, review paper, and more.

  • Step 5

    You can let us know the corrections that are to be done in your research work.

  • Step 6

    You will get your final work within a given deadline.

  • Step 7

    Share your feedback with us.

01. Will you do me a free plagiarism check?

Plagiarism checking is a paid service. We are providing a free plagiarism report. You can contact us for plagiarism checking. Dial +916382814563.

02. Will I be getting free consultation?

Yes. You will get a free consultation session through the subject-matter experts. To talk with our expert team, you can dial +916382814563.

03.Do you guys offer rewriting services for my research paper?

Yes. We will give rewriting and proofreading services for our clients to make sure that your paper has no errors.

04.Will I be getting technical guidance from subject-matter experts?

Yes. We have subject-matter experts across various subject areas. So you can avail guidance from our team of experts. You can dial +916382814563. Or chat via WhatsApp.

05.Do you have a team to guide me in journal publication after paper writing?

Yes. We are your complete research partners who guide you from the beginning of the research to the end of the research. We will write, rewrite, proofread, and publish your papers.

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