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HIGS- The best PhD research paper writing services in Mumbai. We offer the best-in-class research paper writing services in Mumbai for all subject areas. We serve Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Management, Arts: Life Science, and more related subject areas. We are here in Mumbai to serve across so many areas such as Bandra, South Mumbai, Dharavi, Navi Mumbai, Andheri, Juhu, Colaba, Dhahisar, Kandivali, Mahim, and more. We are here with 250+ real-time journal paper writers. We do not depend on research paper writing software and any writing tools. We are teamed up with the best expert team for all subject areas such as Engineering, Medicine, Technology, Arts, Marketing, Business, Management, and more.


Top-notch manuscript writers in India!

HIGS- is one of India’s largest and premier research paper writing services. We are here to offer services for almost all the journals. We provide IEEE, Scopus, UGC, Annexure, Q1 journal paper writing. We write all kinds of research papers under the following methods. They are,

  • We strictly follow journal guidelines.
  • We never make any kind of grammatical mistakes
  • We use Turnitin plagiarism checker to check the plagiarism percentage.
  • Every content of the research paper will strictly undergo proofreading & Rewriting.
  • We make sure that your manuscript is written based on your subject.
  • We take utmost care of content, structure, and clarity of presentation.
  • We include novel, creative, and well-researched ideas in your research paper.
  • We undergo a strict quality check for your research paper.

Why hiring HIGS is the best option?

Compared with the other research paper writing services in Mumbai, we are completely affordable and professional. Our team of PhD research paper writers will give you the assistance of Engineering, Arts, Technology, Science, and Medical manuscript writing. HIGS shows 1000s of manuscript writing examples, and samples to give you the best assistance. We are here as the best PhD Research Paper Writing Service in Mumbai, which serves 1000+ research scholars every year to perform high-quality research paper writing.

What is the standard format we follow in Research paper writing?

1. Title

Your title page of the paper must be capitalized and it must have the name of the author, affiliation, name of the university, and course name. Capitalization rules laid out by APA must be followed. It doesn’t have any word count.

2. Abstract

“A brief but accurate summary of the problem or issue, followed by an explanation of the research strategy and methodology, the main conclusions, and the findings”. We write your highly “informative” abstract with a word count of 170-200.

3. Introduction

An introduction part of the research paper should be presented with a compelling start that attracts the reader before giving a summary of the latest research on the subject you have selected. We write your introduction part with a 700-750 word count.

4. Literature Review

Analyzing the literature gathered on your topic critically is essential to your literature review. Relationships, key themes, and any significant gaps in the research that are conveyed in the work will all be examined during the analysis. We write your literature part with an 800-850 word count.

5. Proposed Methodology

Your methodology should start by describing your research question and the type of data you used in answering it. Your Research methodology will be written with a word count of 2600-3000.

6. Results

The results must summarize and present the study's research findings to contextualize them with your research question. A typical word count of the result part of the research question must be 1300-1500.

7. Conclusion

Do not introduce new information in your conclusion part. Instead, your conclusion should restate your main points and provide a conclusion of the research work. You may also offer suggestions on how your research can be enhanced.Your conclusion must contain about 175-200 words count.

8. Reference

Your reference part must contain the author, title, publisher, place of publication, date, and page numbers of all sources used. Your reference part must contain 200 words.

What are the benefits you will get once hire HIGS for writing a research paper

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There are plenty of research paper writers available at HIGS. We provide plenty of advantages for our clients. We give advantages such as,

  • 📝 24/7 research assistance
  • 📝 Reasonably priced
  • 📝 Frequent offers & discounts
  • 📝 High Quality & Originality
  • 📝 Plagiarism- free work
  • 📝 Free technical consultation & Free revision
  • 📝 Free plagiarism report & Free Quality check

Our Promised Qualities

01. Unique & Error-free content

Our outstanding Research paper writers make it a point to give original, engaging, and refreshing content. We take great pride in what we do and always check every project carefully before submitting it. We make sure the content is error-free & unique.

02. Low Plagiarism Guarantee

We guarantee the complete originality of our work. But, you don’t just have to take our word for it. We run all our content through the latest Turnitin plagiarism software. We give you a free plagiarism report.

03. Quick Turnaround

HIGS offers an extremely fast writing service. We know that completing projects at the correct time is highly important. We are your ultimate writing service with a fast writing service.

04. Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is to give the best possible experience for our clients. Tell us about any issues you have with the work you received, and we will be pleased to make the necessary adjustments. To ensure your satisfaction at the end of the day, we are open to unlimited revisions.

05. End-to-End Professional Support

Our team is here to provide end-to-end research assistance for our clients. We help you from the beginning to the end. We will be with you from topic selection to the viva & guideship process.

Manuscript submission process

HIGS is here to offer PhD paper publication in world-class reputed journals. Such as,


In order to get help in PhD research paper writing & publication, you can contact team HIGS to get fast and easy journal publication.

Our Working Strategies

Our team HIGS follows a simple & easy working process. We follow the step-by-step working process to ensure the satisfaction of our services. They are,

  • You can confirm your order with HIGS through the order form, calls, emails, texts, and other methods.,

  • You can have a free technical discussion session with our clients through any convenient method such as calls, texts, or email.

  • You can get a rough draft from our research team. You will get an explanation through any video method.

  • After you accept the rough draft, we start working on the main project by implementing all your customized requirements

  • Once we finish writing your main work, we undergo Rewriting, proofreading, and plagiarism checking.

  • Then, we forward it to the quality-checking team. We make sure that we have met all the quality standards.

  • We deliver the work within the given timeframe with the highest quality level.

  • After verifying the delivered work, you can share your feedback with us. We welcome all the positive & negative feedback.


There are plenty of reasons for research paper rejection. You have to check several metrics when you go for paper submission. Your 99% of the research paper may get rejected. We have mentioned several mistakes you could make in your research paper. They are,

  • Poor word choices, and phrases.
  • Poor grammar such as tense, punctuation, voice, and more.
  • Repetition of ideas & research methodology
  • Weak introduction
  • Poor editing & proofreading
  • Ignoring recommended journal guidelines
  • The plagiarism percentage may be very high
  • Poor explanation of research methodology
  • Fail to describe the research objective & research question
  • Fail to have interest in your research topic
  • Poor abstract & Confusing paper structure
  • Irrelevant information
  • Using complex language
  • Unresearchable problems
01. When can I receive my first draft after placing my order?

We will tell you the time confirmation once you reach us with your project details. You can reach out to our form to fill up the details.

02. Will I be getting any free revisions if am not satisfied with your work?

Yes. We will give you free revisions until you get complete satisfaction

03. You are providing only writing services?

No. We are here with you in writing, Rewriting, proofreading, plagiarism checking, publication, and more research-related services.

04. Can I get the samples for research paper writing?

Yes. Our research paper writers will show you more research paper samples, and examples for all your research areas and all journals.

05. Do you have a subject expert for the History department?

Yes. we have almost 250+ research paper writers from various research areas. We also have writers from History department.

HIGS is your ultimate research partner for all your research needs. We are here with endless research benefits to fulfill all your research needs. We give you writing, Rewriting, proofreading, and publication assistance for all your research.

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