PhD Thesis Rewriting Service

Writing the thesis is an important section of your PhD research. After Completing the thesis writing, and presenting the analysed data in a clear and understandable manner is essential. For that purpose, Thesis rewriting is important.

The Thesis rewriting service is put forward after the complete scanning of your thesis. It ensures that the thesis you have prepared meets the standards and guidelines set by your university.


PhD Thesis Rewriting Service in India

HIGS, the best PhD research assistance Company in India, offers the best Thesis writing and the best Thesis rewriting service with 100% customer satisfaction.HIGS offers different levels of rewriting and proofreading in a thesis or dissertation and in other academic articles. Our subject expert editors scan the entire document thoroughly and spot the errors and rectify the errors to produce a flawless final document.


  • An unedited research document can get rejected due to a lack of content flow, coherence, and the proper writing style of the thesis. Regardless of how careful you are about your writing process, a subsequent step of the rewriting process is absolutely necessary.
  • Rewriting your thesis helps to refine your writing and to eliminate language errors you might have missed previously. Therefore it’s better to hire a professional thesis editor to go over your work.
  • Rewriting your research paper, PhD thesis or journal manuscript is significant, in fact, it’s indispensable. A thesis editor can make a huge difference in ensuring your thesis if it is well-written and easy to understand.
  • Let HIGS become your research partner and provide you with the best PhD thesis review and Rewriting service to add an extra edge to your thesis.
  • HIGS Technical editors will edit your thesis, as well as proofread your thesis and format your work according to University standards.




The rewriting of a thesis addresses the minutiae of writing. We extend thesis rewriting and proofreading service to ensure that thesis is completely flawless when being submitted for evaluation. The purpose of the Our Rewriting service includes the following aspects.


Language is the primary focus of proofreading. A thesis editor does a line-by-line review of your document, focusing on technical aspects of language. This includes grammar, syntax, punctuation, sentence structure and spelling. The aim is to make sure your thesis is error-free and easy to read.


Formatting is an important component in Thesis Rewriting. Also, maintaining specific formatting guidelines and following up on certain style sheets, that your university prescribed to follow is essential

  • HIGS thesis editors are professional in using the various style sheets and will ensure your thesis adheres to that style.
  • Our Formatting ensures that your Thesis or Dissertation adheres to university guidelines and requirements.
  • HIGS rewriting covers the following elements such as
    • Preliminary Pages
    • Headings and Subtitles
    • Figures and Tables
    • Pagination


HIGS helps you to ensure whether your thesis writing is up to mark. We analyse the writing style and if needed remove the contractions, slang, colloquialisms and so on.

  • In Rewriting service, HIGS confirms that the final report is coherent and clear about its purpose, scope and research findings.
  • HIGS language experts will provide constructive alternatives and solutions to the mistakes in writing


Apart from this, HIGS, thesis editors review your thesis from a broader perspective. If the writing lacks coherence, the reader might lose focus on the main ideas behind your thesis. You may find it difficult to produce a seamless flow from one chapter to the other.

  • HIGS editors take a bird’s eye view of your document and refine the coherence, consistency and flow of your thesis. They will ensure that the thesis is structured in the right order, from the beginning title page or abstract to the ending with a reference list.
  • Our editors will ensure that the thesis is structured in the right order, from the beginning title page or abstract to the ending with a reference list.


A Thesis is incomplete without proper citations and references. Factual references and citations are essential for the fulfillment of any academic paper. Your reference list is a crucial part of the Thesis or dissertation, that allows readers to locate and retrieve the cited source.

  • The HIGS editors team will also check and edits the in-text citations, footnotes, cited pages and reference list in the Thesis.
  • Rewriting experts in our concern will confirm if the citations are properly formatted and the reference list is placed in the correct order as per your requirements.

Additional services

Plagiarism Checking

We run your document through Turnitin plagiarism checking software to ensure that your work is Plagiarism –free.


We work on refining and cross-checking your reference to ensure the work is properly cited according to the prescribed guidelines.

Proof Reading

Our proofreaders improve the academic tone of your writing and arrange the content by examining and correcting typographical errors. We ensure content is in a logical manner with a coherent flow.


We format your document for coherence, and ease of access according to the guidelines prescribed by your university.


1. Do you have subject-matter experts from my field of study?

We have editors from diverse academic backgrounds and fields who are specialized in their domain. Based on your field and the requirement of your thesis, our editors will help you as per your need.

2. Can you complete my reference list?

We will edit all the references in your thesis in accordance with your specific guidelines. As only you possess all the requirements about your sources, we will create a reference list for you.

3. When should I approach a thesis editor?

The perfect time to approach a thesis editor is after the completion of the thesis writing process and a self-review.

4. Is it worth getting thesis rewriting done by a professional?

Yes, getting your thesis reviewed by a professional has many benefits. They help to refine your thesis, adhere it to your university guidelines and present it in a well-constructed manner.

You can reach us anytime for any queries. We are not only here for Thesis Rewriting Service, we are also here for handling your entire research work. We meet your 100% satisfaction level. You can contact us anytime through call at +916382814563, you can send mail at, you can hire us through whatsapp at +918681018401.
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